Thursday, 26 March 2009



Con-e, sounds like Wall-e!!

Thank you for all the get well wishes! *hugz* I'm feeling much better now, tho not yet attain full recovery.

HaPpY bIrThDay CoN-e!!!! Muackxxx!!

I miss you so much eh.

Do you remember that when we first met in Ashburne Hall, you said that you didn't like me? Because you said I have that bitchy and unpleasant look. T___T

Damn sad. Later on, somehow or rather, we became really close and we started sharing our dirty secrets. *giggles*

I only managed to celebrate two of your birthdays with you. UNFAIR!

Year 2006 - with the Ashburne girls.

Year 2007!

You weren't around in Manchester last year so we missed your birthday celebration. T__T

Our trip to Prague was an unforgettable memory. Hahaha. The entire time, you were only concerned with the gelato ice cream. Really ar, you should really reduce your consumption on desserts and sweet food. But seriously, with you around, you made all of us so much younger. HAHAHAH

Don't forget all of us you know!


And also the Ashburne girls. =)

You have lost a lot of weight the last time I saw you. Being slim is good but don't be overly thin okay. Not pretty. *winks*

Last but not least, stay happy my dear.

Be like the con-e that I know.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Dead or Alive?

For a moment, I feel that I'm alive, up and running again.

The next moment, I'll be lying down on the bed like Zombie.

Ya am now as haggard as this girl. I'M HAVING FEVER! Omg, haven't fallen sick for a very very long time. The last time I had fever was in the Year 2005.

And being the stubborn me, I refused to see the doc. (Someone even gave me the nickname 'priness degil'.LOL) Oh well, he will most probably prescribe 'Paracetamol', some 'Antibiotics' and cough mixture and will advise you to rest more and drink more water. (See I can be a part time doc already. HAHAHAHHA)

Being the 'cow' girl, I remained stubborn. So that explains why am not recovering fast.

Whenever I'm late in taking panadol, I'll feel like fainting and can't walk and can't even sit straight to eat my food. Seriously what kinda sickness is this man.

ARGHHHH am going back to bed and be like that retarded cartoon pic. BYE.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I wonder ....

... if I'm a girl.

I bet any guys' room would be much neater than this. HAHAHAHHA. SHIT.

Seriously I need to learn how to be a girl.

Nevermind, at least, for a moment I feel that I'm a girl. *wink*

Tidy right? Pssttt... tell you the secret, 'Just push everything to the floor.'


Wednesday, 18 March 2009


WOI! Am supposed to extract my wisdom tooth today but my dentist FFK without informing me!!! Seriously, am so mad. We spent total of 3 hours driving down to KL and come back. Seriously why is KL so congested. ARGH BASKET!

Apparently her assistant 'tried' to call me but couldn't get me because she got the wrong number. She actually wrote down 012-3226**** instead of 012-3220****. BWA WHY IS SHE SO CARELESS! If there's a hole on top of my head I swear I'm gonna emit smokes out, like a 'Choo Choo Train'.

It's so freaking hot and sunny today. I'm roasting myself in my room right now, so hot ... so hot. My friend asked me if someone stole my air-cond remote, depriving me of air-conditioned room.

I replied a big 'NO'.

"I WANNA SAVE THE PLANET! CO2 emission is bad for our planet!"

"AS IF save the planet."


WHAT. I don't look like those who will participate in "Save our planet" campaign meh. Tahi.

Mom asked me to exercise. According to her, I'm turning FAT! She said "You're gonna have big ass soon, now that you always sit in your room and play computer."

"Okay, I'll go jogging later and I'll bring Bear along and run with me."

"No!!! It's so hot out there, later Bear sweats."

My mom is so unfair, it's fine for me to go underneath the hot sun but not fine for Bear to go. Ish.


Bye I go watch Naruto. (Ya, I'm procrastinating again.)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Another night out in Phuture, Zouk.

Someone asked me if I really do enjoy clubbing that much, the answer is .... 'Yes when I'm feeling depressed'.

I don't care if people call me slut or whatsoever, I really don't care. As long as deep down in my heart, I'm well aware that I didn't do anything that goes against my conscience.

Yesterday, I've made a decision. I do not know if I'll regret, but I do know that I will not give myself a chance to regret.

Thank you to all my friends.

Especially Rei. Thanks. *muackx*

Venus, Pluto, Mars.

Rei, Minako, Setsuna.

'Tanduks' and Morangie.

The 'kaypo' boyfriend.

Colour contacts make your eyes can't focus on the camera.

The girls. <3

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

International Women's Day

I actually received a bouquet of flower on Women's Day. Does it mean that I'm a woman already?

You know I hate it when people address me as "WOMANNNN"! Example, "WOMANN HOW ARE YOU DOING?" -____-

Probably that's because I'm living in denial. Deep down I still want to be a little girl and I would prefer if people call me 'girl' instead of 'woman'! HAHAHAH (Rubbish Lily)

Thank you to the giver. =)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I hate Bear

IMMA DISOWN BEAR! I swear to god I wanna slaughter him and skin him alive.

Seriously don't get deceived by Shih Tzu's innocent look. THEY ARE THE MOST VENGEFUL SPECIES ON EARTH! ARGHHHHHH!

Bear peed on my bed for the SECOND TIME! *murukucapatiputumayam*

Why? Because I refused to let him come up to my bed. When Bear was younger, I used to allow him to sleep on my bed. Ever since I came back from UK, I denied him of his 'right' because I had some really bad skin problem. SO YA BECAUSE HE CAN'T SLEEP ON IT, HE ELECTS TO PEE ON IT!

Bwa. Tahi.


Tim's Bday @ Zouk.

All pictures only, lazy to blog about it. Also there was nothing special that night.


Birthday Boi.




Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I learnt a new jargon today, LOMOGRAPHY! Hahaha.

Lomography of Bear taken by my brother.

Bear looks comical in it. HAHHAHA.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Girls Night Out @ Phuture, Zouk. The occasion for that night being Shirlin's & Jo's Farewell.

Shirlin & Jo who's now in Aussie.

I didn't really enjoy myself that night because of the presence of a group of sleazy guys. This group of sleazy guys not only hogged on to our couch table but also leeched our drinks. So angry.

Well, I only have my brother to be blamed. It all started like this ..

My brother, Eddie & I went there early to claim our reserved tables. We reached at 10.30 pm and there was practically no one in the club. Then my brother spotted this girl, lets name her BIBO (BIBO sounds like BIMBO), whom he previously MET ONCE in A CLUB. She stood at the bar area together with her friends, they couldn't get table.

Being the courteous and friendly person, my brother actually INVITED THEM over to our couch tables. Initially I thought there was only THREE of them, and later on the number grew to EIGHT. *murukucapatiputumayam* (use to substitute wtf)

So from two tables, we were left with only one. Sigh. My fault really.

BIBO really produced world number one sleazy guys who not only disturbed my friends but also leeched our drinks.


Anyway I shall not talk about idiots and start posting pictures.

I shall start with 'all the single ladies' that night!

Beyonce ; "All the single ladies, all the single ladies."

Beyonce; "Now put your hands up."

Heh. Actually they're all taken. Hahaha, sorry ... disappointment for the guys out there!

Ann staring at Shirlin's popo.
Jo staring at Chris' popo.
HAHAHAH! So hilarious. (Okay fine, you don't find it funny. I'm easily amused, can? -___-)

Look at the smoke, sif it's forming some symbol. =p

Anne and my forced smile. (Not happy ma. T__T)

The three of us used to be from 4 Fasih! Until Shirlin transferred to another school.



My favourite picture.
Think because I was actually smiling in it.
Cuz I was already 'wink wink dei' (tipsy) at that time.

Anyway, I'm really happy that I get to club with so many pretty ladies. It would be perfect if Miss Rei could come that night. Sigh. Rei o Rei. Nevermind I shall learn how to use photoshop and photoshop her in. *giggles*


A totally unrelated post.


Credit to Shirlin. Lol.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Why all good things come to an end and the unlucky things kept happening to me?

Breakouts on my entire face. T____T

All the white heads and black heads keep popping up. Sigh big time emo now. Go nap.