Tuesday, 31 May 2011


As a matter of fact, to know if a guy loves you or not, watch out for his
actions and behaviours and pay lesser attention to his words. He might tell 'I
Love You' a hundred times, and deep inside his mind, he is saying, 'I dont think
this girl is right for me'.

Facts about guys. =)

That's why I always believe that actions speak louder than words..

Monday, 30 May 2011


The girls 'app'-ed (whatsapp) and asked if I would like to join them for hiking on Sunday morning..

I replied yes, without enquiring much. All I know is that I have to wake up at 6.30 to meet the girls..

So, woke up at 7 after snoozing for almost half an hour.. drove to Ann's place to pick her up before I met up with Pagen at 'kopitiam' near her place.

Being the health conscious me ordered a bottle of mineral water and left to Pagen's place without taking the brand new mineral water on table.. Bodoh kudasai..

So... Jeng Jeng Jeng.. The place that the girls spoke of is actually Taman Melawati, Banjaran Titiwangsa..


Being the bimbotic me, its impossible that I can sucessfully hike this place.. (surprisingly I managed to finish hiking ... ALIVE.. *claps*)

I had to climb up and down the mountain..

After 5 mins of climbing, I started panting and my face turned pale!!! hAHahAha.. Typical me.. Weakling.. Nyeh

Told the girls to go ahead as I needed to rest but they refused..

Rule in Jungle.. "Never leave anyone behind."

Ohhhh kayyyy... so I forced myself up to continue the journey..

Climb climb and climb.. Think I can be Spiderwoman liaoz... Only difference is that I can't cast web..

And we found 'Malaysian flag' on top of one of the mountains!! Shouts "Kami anak Malaysia!!!"

We took approximately 3 hours to complete the session and it was rather a tiring and exhaustive session. Tiring but satisfying at the same time.. Couldn't believe that I could actually complete such a difficult route..


But there were moments when I thought Im gonna die.. slipped
few times but thank god I managed to grab hold on the rocks to regain my balance.. Else.. I can sing the humpty dumpty riddle ady.. Down the mountain I go and thup thup....


Hahahahha touch wood..

Told my dad and Anata about my experience and they both warned me not to go for such a dangerous hiking spot again.. T.T

In my dictionary hiking equals to jalan-jalan kat taman ma.. (brisk walk in the park).. HAhaHaHa.. Sorry la my vocabulary is restricted.. Don't know what is hiking lol.

I need to attend English lesson liao..

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Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have a right to privacy and please respect my privacy.

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Friday, 27 May 2011


Jialak.. Haven't been blogging for the past few days..

Have tonnes of pictures to upload but couldn't find time for it. Its soooo dificult to get my fat ass glued to the chair in front of lappie nowadays..

Lately I've been quite busy socialising that I haven't got time to accompany my parents. *guilty*

Why is it that most guys treat girls like goddess at the beginning of courtship, and change later on?

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Arghh I'm sick..

Mom said I look ugly.. Mehhhhh.

Then she said am a weakling.. I asked why.. and she replied..

"Cause you always turn the water heater knob to the max temperature.. Crazy one like pouring scalding hot water to your own body."


Kena kutuk pulak.. Then dad said he doesn't even need hot water to shower, that his body is strong enough to withstand chilling water. Eleh action..

Why my parents sooo action geh!!!!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Special Day!

Ermm... I can't read chinese, not sure what is written on the 'ang pao'..

Anyway... I just wanna say mummy gave me ang pao on my special day!!! Weeeeeeeeee happy happy!! =) (Thank you mummy)!

And I've got a special acapella birthday song from DD, chinapek cantonese remix version. He said the birthday song should be in cantonese to commemorate my chinese birthday. Hahahahha, he's hilarious!!

I'm officially a year older man... Arghhhh!!!!

It's okay, I should just continue chanting the magical words.. "I'm still young.. I'm still young.. I'm still young.."

HAHAHAHAH am really living in denial mode man!

But seriously man.. pimples keep popping out like nobody's business... I've really passed the puberty stage weii.. what's with this hormonal imbalance in my body... *pek chek*.

Tired.. tired.. am going to bed.. Good night lovelies.


Special day

Today is my special day! ;)

I'm back from SG and I have to drag my ass to work tomorrow.. Boo hooo..

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Monday, 16 May 2011


Enjoying late supper dim sum in Singapore w Nancy!

Aaaaa gonna inflate to a huge baloon soon! This is what we had for supper last night.

"Eh.. Hungry lets go for supper."

Nancy and I asked where at?

"200 m walk from my place only... come lets go.."

Erm erm.. In the end it was a 1 km walk to that place.. and 1 km walk back to his place. OMG. *faint*

We had supper at 1 am.. Went home shower then sleep.. Following morning we woke up at 11 ish and he already bought KFC egg tart for us for breakfast! Whoaa mcm princess wei.. Hahahhah..

Hmm we ate before going to bed and eat again immediately after bed.. Pig.

After having egg tart for brekkie, we went down to MOS to have our lunch.. Ohhh....

And immediately 2 hrs after that we had sushi as tea time!! Whoaaa...

What an enjoyable makan trip in SG.. Fat fat.. Arghhhh

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Double standard

Its double standard.. Before is always the best and its incomparable.

I started working in January 2010 and I could proudly say, work has always been very smooth, I have never done a single mistake ever since I've started working. Today I would like to retract that arrogant statement of mine, I did a mistake. Nothing ensued, it was rather a lucky day for me as my boss was in a very good mood. Under ordinary circumstances I would be yelled at and thrown out of the room for the mistake that I have done today. Well, not getting yelled at doesn't mean I have done absolutely nothing wrong..

To do things hastily is bad. It leads to chaos and disaster..

I'm honestly grateful to have such great bosses.

That aside, I really need to instill the value of "thrifty" in myself. Mehhhh I spend like its gonna be the end of world tomorrow..

I swear, am gonna eat bread and water from today onwards.. The next huge spending would be in August. From now till August, I'm gonna lay eggs at home..

I bought a new baby. Am incontrollable when it comes to expenditure on gadgets.. Arghhh *cries*

She's called RaRaz. ;)

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Congratulations to my brother and sis-in-law! She just gave birth to a very cute and adorable baby!

Her name is Qing Qing!

Oh no.. I'm officially an auntie now.. Yes lar.. T.T

"Auntie Lily! Auntie Lily!"

I might get a new toy for myself tomorrow! Yippie.. but am still hesitating on whether I should get it.. arghh dilemma..

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I learned how to play Jimrami today! Haha and I lost 100 RM. Well I guess that's the fees that I've got to pay in order to learn this new game! Muahaha.. It's quite fun actually.. but I think no brainer like me will not be able to master the game..

I survived the BTN Program in Balik Pulau!! Omg.. It was really a straining program whereby we had to wake up 5.30 am daily and activities ended at 12 am the following day. *gasp*

Our camp is by the beach... Cool right? Teeheee...

I really enjoyed the outdoor activities such as the sea rafting and flying fox in the middle of night! Wooohooo!!! I screamed like a mad girl from beginning till the end.. and when I unhooked my harness, my boss said "Chan.. Aku boleh dengar suara u dari atas hingga bawah!". LOL.

The "Pau" and the "Pig" face! Hahaha..

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