Thursday, 30 June 2011


Wei.. Im getting old and haggard already.. How how.. T.T

Got myself a new haircut.. When my colleague saw it, she gasped, and asked me..

"Lily.. Is it your stylist forgotten to cut the other side of your hair?"

Hahahaha.. She even asked me if this is the latest trend, I replied don't know, it was suggested by my stylist..

She said she would only able to appreciate it if she sees more of it in Pavillion.. Lol..

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Alone Time

Psychologist Ester Schaler Buchholz, Ph.D., who in her book, The Call of Solitude, introduced the concept of alonetime, describing it as "a basic need," as essential and universal as the need to bond with others. Buchholz comes to this belief through a series of infant studies and analysis of historical and anthropological data, as well as studies on how meditation, rest and relaxation bolster the immune system. When we don't get enough solitude, she says, "we get very out of touch with ourselves; we get forgetful; we get sloppy." Depending on our personalities, we can get angry, anxious and depressed as well.

Interesting fact to note about myself..

Enjoying my alone time now listenning to music. ;)

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I was away from office for at least ten days.. and today when I stepped into my office, I saw a stack of files on my table pending for action and disposal.. T.T

Beside the files there were gifts from unnamed person.. Wow! Happy but scared at the same time.. don't know if theres poison in it..

I did ask around in my office to ascertain the identity of the giver but I couldn't get the answer.. I just want to say thank you to whoever that gave this to me..

Arigatou gozaimasu..!!

So people, if anything were to happen to me.. You know who is the culprit! The biscuits called KongKee from Taiwan.

A lot of work to do... Bye...

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Congratulations Bar 18

Congratulations to Pagen! Pagen & family had just opened a bistro called Bar 18!

Bar 18

It was great to see Anne again after such a longgg time.. I could actually count the number of times I've met her this year.. It's TWO! =(

Nancy and Chrissy.. she looks so much hotter in solid black hair! We likeyy...

Our hot SiTauPoh!!

Hot babe Nancy!! Our Queen!!! =))

 Do drop by Bar 18 at USJ 1 if you are free kayz! Muahhhhhhh...

Que sera sera

Whatever will be, will be..

I should stop determining answers to questions that I can't find.

And just enjoy every moment..

The future's not ours to see..

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Foot reflexology

Who says you have to pay to get a foot massage done?

The other day I was at MACA building for work and as we were heading towards the meeting room I saw this..

Whoaa fun fun, I immediately placed my handbag and notebook bag to the grass, And took off my high heels in excitement!!

Then my senior came and he saw what I was trying to do and shook his head! Hahahahah.. I immediately said sorry and quickly ran back to my belongings to pack up and go. Thank god he said its okay and asked me to go ahead with the reflexology as he wanted to take a puff too!

Jajjajajajjaja seriously its freaking painful.. Every step that I took hurts.. Boo.. I think I have severe health problem already..

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Whoaaa hang fuk!!! My friend bought ChaTime for me!! Yumm yumm...

To be honest, Ive never tried this but everyone in town seems to be talking about this ChaTime.. have been wondering whatss soooo nice about it..

And finally I understand why.. Jajajaja no worries the black pearl is not contaminated with plastic substance! I wont die gehhh!!

Thank you!!!!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I digged my own grave.. and Im ready to bear the consequences of my actions..

Couldn't sleep the entire night.. woke up at 6.30 am with sore throat and running nose.. went to brush my teeth and realised that there's no water!!!!

Sigh.. Shit..

Quickly ran down to find drinking water to wash off the foam..

I have to attend court later so can't afford to become "dirty cat" and decided to take a cold bath downstairs.. Brrrrrr..

Yeap, thats my life, screwed up life..

And Ive got a speeding ticket!!!

I feel like giving up myself at this moment..

I am sorry and I miss him so much..

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Celebration @ Redbox

There are three Gemini babies in my group!

And all of us possess similar traits and characters when it comes to relationship. LOL.

Wishing Gemini babies      H A P P Y     B I R T H D A Y       again!!! =))

My lovely girls!!!

It was a great night with great company!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Sad to admit, I'm getting old..

Sigh.. My look does not reflect my true age... Anyway I do not understand why does it bother me so much.. Age is just a number and looking young does not bring me benefits in any way but just compliments from others..

So heck care ler, old, matured, its just another word to me and I should ignore people's comments about me from today onwards.

I have other better things to do than beautifying myself day and night..

*fact is im envy that people always look so pretty and young!* HAHAHHAHAHAH.

Ops Ive spilled my own beans..

Turning old also means that you will begin to think about marriage and family..

Being a gemini, with split personality, I have differing views in regards to marriage. The Angelic side of me is excited over the idea of marriage, whereby two lovehearts get to tie the bond for eternity, get to wear pretty gowns, laughters of family and friends and so on..

But the Devil in me would say, no marriage can last happily forever, there bound to be separation and divorces..

I still want to hold on to my 'Happily ever after' ideology.. *prays hard*

Do you believe a guy will love you eternally, through good and bad times?

Thursday, 9 June 2011


About 9 months ago, my dad was diagnosed with gangrene, the best course of remedy at that point of time was to amputate 2 of his toes in order to halt the proliferation of bacteria in his body.

We thought by removing the necrotic tissues/organs, his condition would get better. To the contrary, it worsened and other toe began to get infected.. Its like the necrotic (dead) cells will hop from one area to another.. What the hell, bacteria also living a nomadic life. Babi.

The pictures were taken in January.

And now.. His condition is gradually improving.. His second toe has recovered and theres no need for second amputation. To me its a miracle.. Usually dead tissues cannot be revived.

Look at his second toe! ;)

But, the side of his foot is still ulcerated...

Ganbatte daddy!

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011



I have sooooooooooooo much to update.. yet so little time...

God please spare me more time man...

People usually say money is not enough... as for me I would say time is not enough...

Yesterday and today I experienced something new at work... things certainly didn't go the way I want it to but at least I managed to finish my task. It was a great opportunity and I had fun doing the things I did, though it may be stressful and pressurizing at times.. Three words to describe....

(Sorry McD, I need to temporarily 'hijack' your motto!)


But but... behold.. I may change my statement two weeks later, contradicting myself and confusing myself... cuz... Im a typical Gemini. LOL. Split personality 9 9.

I know its totally random....

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

You guys must be wondering if Ive gone delusional. HAHHAHAHA. Bwai. Its the month of June and its supposed to be Father's Day already. JAJAJAJJA.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Take a deeeeeppp breath...


Having a mani pedi session to relieve myself from unhappiness.

Yay!! Pink!!!

So I can look pretty tomorrow! ;)

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Feeling rather down tonight..

Having this excruciating period cramp tonight.. which is very rare..

Sore throat has yet to recover and another ulcer has formed. Not long ago I had this hugee ulcer on my lips..

I don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year..

F*** my life...


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