Friday, 29 July 2011


Whoaaa.. loving my new pantry!

Theres new fridge, new microwave and water dispenser!!!!

Water dispenser!!!!! Previously there was none and I had to buy mineral water daily... Sniff sniff..

Tadaaaaa!!!!!! More "Mee maggi cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!"

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Thursday, 28 July 2011


This is my happy pill !!!


Yummmy yummm!!!

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Pig Pig Chu

Whoaaaaa finally!!!

I get to meet pig pig chuuu!!!

Soooo happy to see them! Hahahahahahha..

I seriously have unlimited love for toysss!!! ^____^

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I was in my colleague's room when I decided to perform a magic show for them. I said "Count till 10 and I'll be gone.."

They said ok.











Tadaaa.. I hid in the wardrobe.

When my colleagues had realised I went into the wardrobe, they immediately latched the handles with feather duster! Haha

Then my other colleague said "Don't ... Later she dies of suffocation!"


I look like a midget! ;p

I told them that if I ever die in this closet, I'll hang out with the other malay ghosts in the office.

He said "Ya.. Lepas tu kena bully sebab paling junior!"


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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I used to have someone to talk to me daily.. Hehehhe kinda not used to the fact that hes no longer by my side..

So I guess I can only update things about myself to this blog.. I havent been talking to anyone the entire day!! Can gooo crazy I tell youuuuu!!!

Wow I sound like Ah Lian nia.. Tsk tsk..

Things havent been going right.. I missed a step, tripped and sprained my ankle in office.. I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I've totally forgotten about the existence of divider in my parking lot and ran over it.. I hope my front and rear left tyre is not punctured or anything..

Because Ive been daydreaming the entire day.. I slacked in office.. Then I realised I have court to attend tomorrow and immediately attend to my work.. That explains why I left office so late..

Seriously when you are too depressed you ain't scared of dangers.. Hahaha tak takut hantu..tak takut orang.

Its 9 pm and I just got home.. Hungry.

Good night

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Love songs

Colleagues are evil.. playing 100 Love Songs in her room!!

"How do I Live"

Its good to have crazy people around you sometimes to cheer you up.. hehehhee

Thank you to all who had comforted me and stayed by my side.

"Lily jangan emo-lah!! I dah pasang Backstreet Boys for you to listen!"

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Well, the fact is... I can't concentrate in work now.. Arghhh

Maybe his decision is a right one.. We are not meant to be with each other.

Instead of harping to the past and miss him, why not I just move on with my life.. You can always keep him in memory and there's nothing wrong with it..

Heee... Yeap!

If you love someone, set it free!!

I hope and pray for your wellbeing in whatever you do! Ganbatte!

Another wonderful chapter has closed in my life..


Last Friday, I went to the hospital for further check up on my piles. The doctor suggested for me to do the banding treatment.. (Some treatment to remove the piles). A lady doctor, a lady nurse and a male doctor were there to perform the treatment for me.. T.T

Shy giler..

Anyway .. again I was shoved in the ass, the doctor tried to locate the piles but couldnt detect any..

Later he said "I don't think you have any piles."

Wahhh putih-putih kena cucuk.. Gggrrr....

The doctor is afraid that something might be wrong with my colon. So I will be admitted to do a colonoscopy soon..

They also drew my blood for further testing..

I hope that everything is fine.. There are still a lot of things that I want to do..

My eye still swells every now and then, doctor said I have to learn how to manage my stress level, else cancerous cells might be triggered to attack my body..

Problem is, I don't feel the stress at all... O.o stress is good! Its on stealth mode.. And its slowly disrupting my body..

Give me a while and you will be gone in no time!!

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Monday, 25 July 2011


Well done to myself..

It has been such a long time since I cried like this..

Probably its a good thing.. can destress myself..

After all doctor said my health problem is actually caused by unknown stress to myself..

Thank you for the joy that you have given me. ;)

I will move on.. Its suffocating...

Good night..

Once again Im a failure..

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Saw a very cute Pooh Bear car!! If only its in PINK!!! Hohoho..

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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Wishing that I have someone by my side to help me solve my troubles..

Im stuck.. and its suffocating.. I have to admit Im just a girl.. Its beyond my capability.. Do I really have to do everything by myself?

Am tired..

I understand that only me myself can help myself.. Isn't it wonderful if someone out there is willing to lend their support to me?

Stay strong.. Thing that won't kill you, will make you stronger..

Slowly.. I believe I can do it.. Ganbatte to myself..

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


This morning, there was fresh blood dripping out from my anus when I pass motion... WAHHH panick giler.. I thought I was having period.. but on second thought I just had it last week... can't be period.

Being the kiasu me, I immediately hurried to the nearest hospital and consulted the doctors from 'Emergency' section. HAHAHAH emergency case wei... don't play play..

Well, after describing my conditions to the doctors, they were quite positive its haemorrhoids/piles. I couldn't believe my ears and even asked them.. "Are you sure? I never have any history of piles wo..."

To confirm their pre-diagnosis, they instructed me to lie down and shoved a proctoscope into my anal after applying lubricant on it... T____T

Mehhh... I'm sorry doctor.. I should have believed you...

Test revealed that I have two piles in my anal, one at 12 o clock and one at 6 o clock... I always hear about people getting piles but never really understand what is that all about and so I googled...

A number of factors may lead to the formations of hemorrhoids including irregular bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea), exercise, nutrition (low-fiber diet), increased intra-abdominal pressure (prolonged straining), pregnancy, genetics, absence of valves within the hemorrhoidal veins, and aging.
Other factors that can increase the rectal vein pressure resulting in hemorrhoids include obesity and sitting for long periods of time.

I thought the reason I contracted piles was because I'm dirty cat, didn't wash backside after I poo.. =___=

It seems like for me, its irregular bowel movement because I pangsai few times a day ... but it could also be hereditary because my brother just underwent a surgery yesterday to remove the piles...

Doctor just arranged for an appointment with the specialists from the 'Surgical Department' on this coming Friday to decide my course of treatment..

Mom said, if it gets serious, the piles will multiply and will hang out from your backside like grapes... YUCKK!!! Once there's contact with the piles, it will burst and there will be blood all over... GROSS!!!

To make it more gross, see this...



Sunday, 17 July 2011


Time flies...

Its third week of July now..another 6 months would be year 2012..


WTB timeeee!!!! If possible.. I would want to turn back time!!!


Stomach pain... I go pang sai first.


Chuppp!!!! Im back from pang sai-ing... Aaaahhhh it feels good after discharging my faeces... Muahahahaha Im gross...

I ate soo much today.. Still feel bloated from today's consumption.. Ate pork noodle at 12 pm.. Then a slice of sponge cake at 2, then a bowl of pan mee at 4, duck porridge at 6.. then ice cream at 8.

O.o I eat like a pig now.. Oink Oink.

Now Im gonna snore like a pig.. Good night..

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ah Long

I think I need to secure loan from Ah Long soon to pay off my debt..


I have never plan for my financial expenditure ever since I've started working a year ago.. I spend whenever I want to without taking into consideration my financial ability.. T____T

And now the snowball effect is kicking in ..

Today.. I began to reduce my expenditures in writing and I've discovered that.....

After deducting my commitments from my salary...

Im only left with RM400 to spend per month... for my food, shopping, saloon, facial, manicure pedicure, car maintenance, social activities..

Hahahahah mana la cukup... and Ive been doing the above every month without fail... No wonder Im proper skint now... Good job woman!

LOL! Now I know why Im always in deficit.. and no matter how much I pay, the amount grows each day..

Time to devise a strategy and pawn the bank!


And... the ultimate secret is....


Go kill Roshan to get the Divine Rapier.. (Roshan is a golem in DOTA and Divine Rapier is a weapon) lol in Dota we always hunt for Roshan and kill it if we need money! Wakakaka.. Think Ive gone crazy..

Hahahahahhahah well life goes on.. Be happy girl.. Just stay at home for a year and don't go out.. Im sure I will be able to pay them off.. Ganbatte neh!!!!

Work is not that good as well..

Think this year is just my unlucky year.. Rawrrrrrr.. Stand up for yourself no one can help you!!

Triple ganbatteeeeee!!!

Good nightz...

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Saturday, 9 July 2011


Complimentary fish spa!!!!

It feels good after two hours of facial session + massage..


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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Wooo woo wooo!! Having trial tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous about it...

I'm multitasking now.. preparing questions, chat on msn and facebooking...

Kind of mentioned to my friend that I'll be having trial tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous.. and he said "Go court only ma.. I give you this!"

I was like... "Give me what?" and continued preparing my questions..

He kept on nudge me on MSN, and as usual my chat window sort of "vibrated" and I clicked on the chat room and saw this...

The leading actor in TVB Drama "Ghetto Justice"
He said "This is GODLIKE k !!!!"


Then I said... "Awww it made my day.. u r damn funny.."

And he scolded... "=.= its not for you to laugh. its to encourage you NOOB."


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Happy Birthday Nancyyy Dear!!! I know it was supposed to be your birthday night but I could hardly spend time with you because you were pretty occupied with your friends.. =)

Nonetheless hope you had a great night!!!

The girls!!! My only picture with birthday girl...
It was Babi Heong's birthday as well that night, Babi Heong celebrated his in Velvet and TWL in Phuture..

Happy Birthday Abaloney Heong!!!

I think you guys can roughly guess which is Babi Heong.. hahahahahah.. Oink Oink!

More and more pictures, scroll yourself to see it...

Hehehehe kawaiii ne.....

Monday, 4 July 2011

Pig Pig Chu

Watched TVB Series "My sister of eternal flower" with my parents few days ago and discovered the soft toys in it called "Pig Pig Chu"!!

Awwww its soooo adorable man!! Charmaine Sheh is pretty too!! Quite like her...

Can't understand why am I so fascinated with toys.. probably its because I was deprived of it when I was a kid..

Now trying to compensate whatever I couldn't get when I was young.. heheheheh...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Siu Keong

I had stomachache and entered into the nearest lavatory.. Scanned the toilet cubicles one by one and picked the one I deemed cleanest..

Voila.. went in and started my chocolate making session.. THENN I SPOTTED THIS HUGE SIU KEONG AKA MR COCKROACH on the wall!!! T.T

I was shitting half way so I can't possibly run out without pants.. and I was having diarrhea.. It will surely look messy with my shit all over the floor..

And so I declared war against that Siu Keong.. Getting ready to stomp on it in the event it moves an inch..

Thank god.. It didnt move a single bit and I quickly settled my business and left..

My worst nightmare to get stranded in the toilet with my most feared enemy... Cockroach...


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Friday, 1 July 2011


Oooo yum yum a lot of food today because my division organised potluck!

Colleague said Ive been eating non-stop like a pig!! Oink oink
Muahahhahahaha... Got Laksam, Laksa Johor, Laksa Perak, Laksa KL, Laksa Selangor...

Err actually there were only 3 kinds of laksa, I couldn't differentiate them so simply throw out the list of states. Kekekek... There were fried meehon, nasi lemak, spaghetti, macaroni, cakes, satay, rendang chicken, dessert and fruits!

Tell you a secret.. I found treasure... SSShhhhhhh.

Manggis!!! Ooooohhh laaa laaa..

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