Monday, 31 October 2011

New Kitty

I received a new kitty casing from K!


Soo excited about it! Anyway thank you very much again, so thoughtful of you.

My car's mileage!! Cool leh "111111".

Today is a happy day. ;) good night!

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Low IQ

I wanted to eat the Eu Yan Sang Bak Foong pill today, I tried countless times to rip open the plastic that seals the bottle cap but couldn't.

So i seeked help from my mother .

"Mi help me to open please."

She was watching TV when I approached her and she lifted her head and asked "What?"

Again I repeated my request and she took the bottle from me. After a few failed attempts, she took out a pair of small scissors and snipped it open and successfully removed the plastic seal.

And said to me in cantonese which literally means "See so lousy, no IQ one. Mama the stupidest in family also can remove.."


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Thursday, 20 October 2011


I'm now a self professed druggie!

Currently I consume a tablet of drug daily.

Its called Roaccutane prescribed by my dermatologist to cure my acne problem.

I have always been the unlucky ones to contract acne "disease" all my life. When I first had acne problem, I spent thousands on cosmetics, it didn't cure my disease. Later I resorted to contraceptive pill, voila it was awesome, instant cures in months, but the consequences - weight gain and recurrence once you stop the pills.

Finally Ive decided to consult skin specialist. I was on some antibiotic, and it really did cure the acne on my face!

Sadly, acne is appearing on my back now. Consulted the doctor and he has finally decided to prescribe the strongest medication which is a drug called Roaccutane. Apparently its derived from Vitamin A and it helps to restructure your oil glands and kills the bacteria contained in the glands. With smaller oil gland, chances of your pores enlarging is minimal, thus reducing the formation of acne.

Chances of cure is 98% as compared to the previous 70% chances. But it is very costly, three times the price I used to pay.

Most common side effects associated to the use of drug - dryness of skin and lips, depression, itchiness, dry eyes, sensitive skin, migraine, poor night vision.

I could feel the effects kicking in, lips are cracking and the skin on my palm is peeling. And, I think Im suffering from depression now..

Gawd.. Desperado me.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pasar Malam

If I could remember correctly, the last I stepped into Pasar Malam was beginning of this year.

Yesterday JC asked if I would like to join her for PM session because she had promised her mom that she would buy some fishes and vegetables back.

I agreed as both my parents were away from home and I had no food to eat for dinner.

When I was about to leave home, it started "tumpah kucing dan anjing".. so JC texted saying theres change of plan, we will be heading to Mentari for steamboat with Nancy.

Tried the "ma lat" buffet steamboat and I kinda fell in love with the soup. Only the soup because the seafood was not fresh.. :(

Later it stopped pouring and JC again insisted that she has to go to PM to get the fishes for her mom.

And so to PM we go. We arrived at 10 pm and I could see some were already busy packing up their goods to their vehicles. Oh oh... we need to find fishhhhhh!!! Time is running out..

There! Fishyyy!!! Hahaha

The guy offered two plates of kampung fishes for RM15 and we were soo excited thinking we managed to secure a cheap bargain!! O.o

So when I reached home I happily ran up to my mom's room and told her I bought back BIGGG packet of kampung fishes for her. I even told her about the cheap bargain.

Mom went down to check on the fishes, apparently you have to clean it well before its being stuffed into the freezer to prevent the fishy smell (can someone enlighten me as to a proper word used to describe fishy smell?)

The freezer door was opened, and I pointed the packet of fishes to her. She removed it and brought it to the sink, poured it out and exclaimed "HARR this is your so called BIGGG packet?"

She laughed and said in cantonese "Silly girl you have been tricked, usually it will only be sold at RM 6 per plate."

T____T mehhhhhh it feels like Ive been thrown down from the highest floor. Lol. Haolian some more la..

Fine, I shall haolian about other stuff.. my new Hello Kitty casing from PM!! Yayyyyy happy happy and its only RM20!

This is auntie JC busy choosing her veges whilst Im busy choosing Iphone casing. Lol.

Then we noticed a stall which sells cheap hair clips, 3 for RM10!!

Whoaas cheap cheap, I took 2 and JC took one.

Tadaaaa, butterfly bling bling clip!

Pig pig Chu!!!! ;)

I just love PM, I think the next time I shall buy my clothes and lingerie from PM! Muahahaha, i bet no one would notice. *wink*

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Friday, 14 October 2011


Two days ago, colleagues and I had lunch at Sushi King, Putrajaya. We had to sit outside due to non-availability of seats inside.

Suddenly, we were approached by a man clad in black suit with the name tag "Husni".

He greeted us "Hi", and we stared at him blankly as if he was some lunatic freak released from detention centre.

HT replied "Hi".

"Tak panas ke duduk kat luar?"

I replied with a smile "Panas, tapi dalam takde tempat nak duduk."

"Oh... kamu semua daripada Jabatan mana?"

All of us paused for a moment, fearing that he is some disciplinary officer on duty to check on government officers who failed to comply with the permissible lunch time duration. In hesitation, HT replied "AGs Chambers".

"Oh, AGs Chambers tu, akauntaun ke apa?"

HT replied "Attorney General.."

"Aaaa I see, I'm from the Ministry of Finance, and I do liase with your department when it comes to drafting of new laws!"

All of just nodded.

Later, I think he could sense the reluctance in us to chat and decided to leave us alone.

"By the way, I'm the Second Finance Minister." And he left.

I said "Nice to meet you Tuan."


SECOND MINISTER OF FINANCE? Lol, which means he is just one rank below our Prime Minister. All of us began to pick up our smart phone and started googling.

And, its true. He's actually Dato' Seri Ahmad Husni. That explains the tag "Husni".

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH there we treated him like a lunatic trying to harass us. -____-

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011


Attended the soft launch of Blackball Dessert Shop with the girls.

The girls portraying their anti social behaviour..

Apparently its everyone's favourite in Taiwan. Hmm well, not exactly mine to be frank. Just not my "cup of dessert".

Later we went for Daorae BBQ in Taipan! Ahhhh and yeaaa this is my "cup of food". Kekekekek

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Friday, 7 October 2011


Budget 2012 announced that Government servant will get a pay rise ranging from RM80-320. Oh well, at least better than nothing! Hehehehe

I received new books again! Happy happy! Weeeee

Its Friday!! Time to enjoy and relax, works will be shoved aside.

Party time!!!!

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Haunted ByThe Past

I know everyone has been telling me to forget by the past..

But I couldn't..

Images are playing back and forth in my brain, just like a slideshow..

Pictures paint a thousand words. There are so many assumptions that you can deduce from a picture. Thats why at times I hate myself for having photographic memory. Pictures leave a huge impact on me. Its like a scar in my brain..

And now old pictures are slowly emerging in my head.

I can't let go of the past.. Im full of hatred now..

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Today is 2nd of October. A date to remember.

A picture that I will not forget. Ive found out that a picture is worth more than me.

I'm dispensable.

Thats how cheap I am. ;)

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