Thursday, 26 January 2012


Oh our little princess is soo adorable.

She knows how to accept "ang paos" from the adults and she will grasped it tightly in her hands!!

Cute cute cute....

Time flies.. It is now the fourth day of CNY!! Been gambling everyday since the first day.. ;\



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Thursday, 19 January 2012


I received so many Chinese New Year cards from my colleagues!! In total I received 12 cards!!

Hohohoho, Merry Xmas!


I don't know what should I do to my hair. Cut? Colour? Perm?

Perm 1. (I love most but wonder if it suits my big face..)

Perm 2. (I love this model the most cause she's so pretty!)

Style 3. (Stylo but I guess not suitable for my profession)

Style 4.

So so, should I perm? Should I cut short or keep it long? What colour should I pick?

Arghhhhh, dilemma.. T___T

Previously I was very firm with my decision to keep long hair. But now... fickled minded me.

1 more day to go before I go on leave!

And also 1 more day to go before I get a new hairstyle.

Nervous about my new hairstyle. Will see what the stylist recommends.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


One of my new year resolution for year 2012 is to change my pessimistic behaviour.

I love to make a mountain out of a molehill. :/

I should stop viewing the world negatively.

Each day I will try to blog about things that made me happy! I do not believe that my life is only filled with sorrows and unhappiness. Right people?!

Muahahahahaha *nods nods*

Colleague brought me to a hut in the village nearby Putrajaya to have lunch.

The blue hut is where we had our lunch. Seriously I wonder how did the people find out about this secluded lunch place..

As you can see it's a family business. I was told that there is only one menu served daily and nothing else. Which means whether you like it or not, you have to eat whatever that is served. Of course they will not serve shit to you... that I assure you. LOL.

This was the menu for the day. Salted egg with sambal, ayam rempah, taugeh, tempe and udang galah.

And rice! Hehehehe.

I asked the makcik if there is any toilet nearby as I had to wee wee really badly.

She pointed to the back of the hut. And so I went through the side of the house and saw a door, written on it "Maaf, pintu tandas ditutup." -.-

I pretended that I did not see the written words .... twisted the knob and pushed open the door! Muahahaha.

The moment I opened the door, I saw my mirror reflection through a dressing table placed in front of me. To my left is another door to the toilet and to my right is someones bedroom. Oops, did I just trespass to people's room?

Couldn't care much and quickly dashed through the second door on my left into the toilet and shut the door. Ehhh, it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing! I opened the door again trying to search for the switch to turn on the light but there was none!

Okay, this shouldn't deter me from passing my wee wee. Decided to wee wee in the dark, I shut the door for the second time.
To my dismay, I realised that there is no lock on the door... -.-

I told myself its okay, I can pee quite fast. I should be done before someone else could step into the toilet! Brilliant!

And so I wee wee in the dark with the door unlocked in someone's bedroom!!!!

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Fortune Master

I couldn't believe it myself..

Ya, didn't know that I'm so superstitious as well..

Oh of course the picture above does not depict the one that I've consulted.. There's no gypsy ball or tarrot cards involved, just a piece of paper and a round-shaped handheld fan.. Oh, and its a man and not a woman!

So, first you write your Chinese name and your chinese zodiac!

And so I wrote "陳筣筣"and told him that I'm born in the year of ox.

He held the fan close to his chest, with his eyes shut, started fanning at a really slow pace..

After fanning himself for few seconds, he stopped and opened his eyes and said this to me "You love to stand in front of a mirror and say yourself fat. You are very afraid to get fat and please remember never ever consume those pills to lose weight." ( I presume every girl is afraid of that? )

Later he said, you are a "prosperous cow" and even if you don't work, someone out there will feed you and you will not starve to death.

So I am a cow cum pig! Muahahah "fat choi moo moo".

My chinese name has a lot of the word "grass" in Chinese and so he said I am well fed.. I will have more than enough food to eat and in fact having too much to eat will cause health problem in future. If I would like to prevent this, then I have to change one of my chinese name to 丽.

Nom nom nom, I have a green field to myself!! Nom nom nom...

Lastly he just said, "I have two warnings for you. If one day someone offers you an expensive watch as a gift, do not take it."


I wonder why eh? *scratches head*

"Secondly, if someone invites you to an excursion to waterfall area, please reject their invitation and tell them you are busy."

"These are the two things that I will warn you for now, if I tell you too many things, you would not be able to remember it."


So, whats with the waterfall? Probably I will drown if I step into it. Lol.

Sooo, conclusion I'm a prosperous fatty moo moo that loves to eat and can't step into a waterfall area. Rawrrrrr.

Ya, I love to eat. HT & I had this for lunch.

Muahahaha sooo happy. ( P/S : The picture only shows half of the food that we ate today! )

Hahahahahaha, damn no wonder I'm so fat now. Eat eat and eat.

Oyasumi, I feel very empty recently, don't know why. ;(


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Friday, 13 January 2012


Hooray!! This will be my first entry for 2012!

*beams in pride*

Readership has decreased tremendously due to lack of updates.. Kekekeke well its okay, it shall be my private blog then, a medium for me to share my experiences and feelings.

It was this time of last year that I actually thought of committing suicide. Thoughts of jumping down from the roof top of condominium and getting a knife to slit my wrist actually came up in my mind.

Thankfully, I didn't do it because of my parents. At that point of time, dad had contracted gangrene and nearly lost his entire foot. "I have a dad to look after!" That's what I kept telling myself.

I survived the painful year and now one year had lapsed. I'd say 2011 wasn't a great year for me.

2012 shall be a brand new year for me and my family.

Dad has recovered and both mom and dad are now best friends of Uncle Lim! They visit his home at least three times a week! Wow... Tsk tsk..

Well, as long as they are happy and they know their limits. Life is short, you will never be able to anticipate what will happen tomorrow!

Looking forward to year 2012 with great success, happiness, health and wealth!

Good night.

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