Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fire Briefing

Am stuck in a hall now for Fire Briefing.

I have been assigned as the "Saviour Officer" for my office.

Hahahhahaha die la, such an important role, surely loads of casualties in the event fire happens in my office. :/

Anyone needs my help? Summon meeee and I will come to your rescueeeee!


This briefing reminds me of the days in Manchester - Ashburne Hall's fire drill. I actually slept my way through it... :/

That's because the fire drill was a weekly thingy, and its kinda annoying to hear the alarm when you're sleeping soundly on your comfy bed!!

After few fire drilling sessions, I've mastered the art of sleeping my way through the wailing alarm.

*thumbs up*

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012


Daddy injured his toe again..

Hopefully it does not develop into gangrene.

I've been passing watery stool for the 12th time today. T.T

Because the symptoms that I'm experiencing now is similar to that of dengue fever, doctor advised that I should do a blood count test.

Result was normal but doctor said its still too early to rule out dengue. Usually dengue fever will only attack four days after infection. The first three days will just be like any other viral fever.


Sick during 12th day of CNY, which means I can't gamble anymore. Huhuhuhu.

Purged 12th time on day 12 of CNY. It rhymes!

Saw a few Baby G watches on internet and wonder which one should I get..






I know Baby G has been around for many years but I feel like getting one just to realise my childhood dream.

I remember I've always wanted one when I see my friend in primary 6 wearing it but mom will never get it for me. :(

All right the effect of medicine is kicking in. I better go to bed now. Good night people. ;)

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