Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Production Line

Wooo am in Swiss-Garden Resort Lumut right now..

Preparing for tomorrow's conference..

We have to remove the plastic on each and every bag, unzip it, insert goodie pack, cap and conference folder and lastly zip it back.

Tadaaa, the completed bags neatly arranged!


We have started playing Diablo 3 - Beta. Yayyy!

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Friday, 13 April 2012


Today is the final day of my two weeks' course. Am happy and worried at the same time.

Happy because its finally over. *happy face*

Sad because its exam day.

Basically we learnt about policies and administration in government offices, including policies like Vision 2020.

Lecturers and us spotted a few topics but none of it came out. It was a tough paper and I hope I can pass it.. *prays hard*

I ended up frying my answers. (goreng). I hope the marker would at least give me some credit because I wrote something and didn't hand in a blank sheet.

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Shopping from home

Weee so happy happy.

Saw this on Groupon and immediately bought it.

It's only RM28! This is my first time buying things from Groupon. Apparently I have to wait until the deal is over before they could send the Groupon voucher and details to me.

Once I've received the voucher number and details, I'm supposed to email to the seller my details and shipping address by 9th May 2012.

Troublesome.. But what to do, discounted good is like that..

Shop from home is quite fun! I'm gonna ask for a pink!

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Bai Bai Curly

I went to hair saloon just now..

To snip off my hair.

Because I've been having dandruff problem with my long hair. And my hair has grown resulting in dual tone.. Yuckss.

Hair is getting coarse.. with split ends some more..

And so I've decided to cut it short... (pre dye picture)

Tadaa.. Final product by Hairesources Saloon.

So, which is better? Short?

Or Long?

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Sunday, 8 April 2012


I have gone crazy. I've deleted my facebook account, deleted whatsapp.

I've decided to live in the Flinstone world.

My eyes are swollen, really badly. Having severe migraine as well.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kursus Induksi

As mentioned in my previous post, am attending a two weeks course in ILKAP, Bangi.

I get to meet up with colleagues from other states in Malaysia. Its kinda fun actually, to be able to catch up again.

There 177 of us and we were divided into 5 groups for team building activities.

My group consists of 33 officers. In the first activity, we were given strings. The instruction says we were being chased by a group of man eating creatures. Straight ahead exists a huge spiderweb. You only have 15 minutes to ensure all your team mates get through the web without touching the web. Once theres contact with the web, your team mate contracts mad pig disease."

So, we were required to form a spider web using the string given to us and cross through the very same web that we have built.

This is my team's web. Hahahah. Seriously it doesn't look like a web at all!!!

In another activity, we were asked to form a logo, vision, mission and dream for our team. We were given 30 mins for this task.

My team leader picked the name "Avengers". Hahahah therefore the letter "A" in our logo. I said we should proceed with the vision as "transforming ourselves into great superhero like iron man and incredible hulk"

The blue ring signifies unity, and each black star represents each and every one of us in the group.

Later my team mate produced this as the dream.

There's a group of people standing underneath an umbrella written on it "Keadilan". The group seeks to provide justice to the community.

"A dream home for us to start a family and promotion and pay increment down the road".

Honestly, I think the picture is cute! ;p

I had fun today but still feeling a little groggy from the sun exposure. Try standing outdoor for 2 hours underneath the scorching sun.

Can die...

Bai, I want to shit...

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Toy

Yay, Ive got a new toy!!

So happy! ;)

Can anyone guess what's this? Correct answer gets RM10!

Attending a two week's course right now in Bangi. One of the lecture was given by officers from Prison Department. He showed us the secrets behind those solid wall and fence, a whipped ass in non sexual way..

Ouch, it hurts.. apparently the executor gets paid RM10 for each whip they perform.

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