Thursday, 24 May 2012

10 things to remind yourself daily

I read this interesting article and would love to share with all of you ways to achieve mental balance and not be emo nemo like me. =)

1. Do not lose sight of what truly matters. Does that clogged sink signify the end of the world? Are you going to remember or even care that the stranger you smiled at in the coffee shop didn’t smile back? When we’re having a bad day, we seem to zoom in on petty things and complain about them. Next time you’re pulling your hair out over something, ask yourself if it really matters.

2. It is okay to be alone or pull back from the world. Sometimes we just need to step back and re-evaluate a situation, a relationship, or just life in general. When I went through my healing period, I spent a lot of time alone as I tried to become my own best friend again. If you need to go into hiding for awhile and work on stitching yourself back up, take the time to do that. It is so important to pull back and spend quality time with yourself every now and then.

3. You are not always in control. You cannot predict when certain things will or should happen, or how everything will turn out. Sometimes you just have to stop pushing and let go.

4. What other people think is irrelevant. I was a miserable slave to the opinions of others. It got to a point where I was trying so hard to please everyone but myself. Don’t let your immediate reaction to criticism be to change whatever it is you’re being criticized for. Do whatever feels right to you, regardless of what other people have to say about it.

5. Don’t give up. If you’re fighting for something that means a lot to you, do not stop fighting whenever you happen to fall short. Remember why you are fighting for it.

6. You don’t have to know all the answers. No one ever has life all figured out. We are always learning and growing. Life itself is a mystery and it’s okay to feel clueless sometimes.

7. You are enough. All of us have had times in our lives where we have thought, “I’m not smart enough or pretty enough or strong enough or exciting enough to do _____.” Give yourself a chance instead of forming limiting beliefs.

8. Stay present. Try not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Take everything one day at a time.

9. Your feelings will not kill you. I know that heartbreak, grief, depression, or resentment might make you feel like you’re dead and breathing, but you have the strength to get through whatever life throws at you. Hold on and see yourself through it.

10. You are human. This is probably the biggest reminder of them all. You will make mistakes. You will hurt other people and other people will hurt you. You won’t always feel happy and positive. Next time you feel the urge to beat yourself up over any of these things, remind yourself that you are an imperfect human being instead.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Yesterday I was assigned to IPD Sentul for official duty. As usual punched in 'Police IPD Sentul' on both PapaGo and Garmin and followed the instructions. Arrived in KL Jalan Ipoh at 8.45 am and both navigators said "Arriving destination on left".

When I looked to my left, it was a construction site!! Damn!!

Which means 'I'm lost'. I tried to google for 'Balai Polis IPD Sentul but couldn't retrieve any information on google'.

Hrmphh, then being a smart ass I figured that the police station shouldn't be that far and decided to proceed driving without utilising my GPS. Bravo! I drove round and round KL City without knowing where I'm heading to for about 30 mins!! T___T

Finally, I've decided to stop my car and ask for directions. Most of the people that I've spotted on the street were dodgy looking men. Fearing for my safety, I've decided not to stop and ask these men until I spotted an uncle who's selling nasi lemak by the road. Well, he looked pretty decent to me and decided to ask him for direction to IPD Sentul.

I duly followed his direction and arrived at Balai Polis Sentul, a corner shoplot in one of the commercial area. Sigh, am looking for IPD Sentul and not balai polis! (IPD = Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah = Police HQ for Sentul District)

It's okay and so I stopped my car, stormed into the 'shop' and asked where is IPD Sentul as I couldn't find it on GPS.

The police replied "Puan, you tahu apa tu GPS? Guna Pun Sesat!"

Arghhh!!! *screams and pulls hair*

I was told by the police that IPD has been demolished and the new IPD is now under construction. Meanwhile the IPD is operating in Balai Polis Kepong and Balai Polis Jinjang.

The police even directed me to Jinjang area but everything he said doesn't make sense to me as I am not familiar with KL roads. ;/

In the end, PapaGo brought me safely to Balai Polis Kepong.

What a noob Lily...

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Sunday, 20 May 2012


Colleagues invited me over to celebrate Pieza's birthday in Putrajaya.

And this is my beautiful colleague, Pieza.

This is her with 2 cakes. Green is from us, and blue is bought by herself.

She ordered the blue cake from a blog. Apparently it requires early booking in order to get this cake. As early as one month!!! It costs RM 80!!

I find the words very pretty!

Unlike any other written words by icing. Inside, its rainbow coloured sponge cake! Kawaiiii!!!!

So pretty right. But am sure its very bad for health, the colouring and sugar. Eat this all and am sure you will put on a kilo!
Like me, I've gained 3 kgs! Am now 50 kg!!!!! Kanasai..


We played some games at her place. Feels like a kid again... Hahaha

She gave us a piece of paper and started asking us to write a sentence each to compose a story at the end.

"Once upon a time... a monster visited Putrajaya. The monster was offered a work at.... the Attorney General's Chambers as Tan Sri AG's personal bodyguard. Tan Sri asked the personal bodyguard to put on weight. The monster answered I want to maintain my figure as it is now. I don't want to put extra weight! But however the monster loves to eat and has a big fat tummy. The monster eats a lot. The monster keeps on eating until one day he kills Tan Sri. So the whole AGC collapsed".

Hahahahaha a story that doesn't make any sense.

The theme for the party was "ocean blue" and everyone adhered to the dress code! Hahaha. Cool. That baby T was my only blue clothe that I have. Elephant T from Samui..

Ling, me and CHT!

KL DPPs and Putrajaya DPPs. 1 Malaysia. Wootz.

Happy Birthday again!!!

Nom nom nom...

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I'm worn out..

Been so busy in office lately..

Today I had a wonderful date! Although I was really tired, I could still push myself for the dinner!

*thumbs up*

I have soooo many pending work in office.. Ganbatte to myself!

My greatest discovery of the week.. Bear is an insect killer.. he plunges on all forms of insects that he could detect.. like cockroaches..

His paws is his greatest weapon.. He 'paw stomp' on them. Can't wait to see what happens to him when he encounters a bee! LOL. Bear vs Be, what's your bet? Kekeke

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Everyone else kept saying I'm fat.

Finally there's someone who said that I've lost weight. LOL.

I must be reaaallly fat then when I was in Manchester. Else he wouldn't say that. Unless he has vision problem.. I would prefer the latter, so that the fact that I was once a "fei mui zhai" doesn't exist in my dictionary.


Saturday, 12 May 2012


Am feeling a little lifeless and out of touch with the world lately..

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Basic Mandarin Course

Today is my first lesson and the teacher taught us how to pronounce chinese characters!


Hahahaha.. at the end of it he taught us some basic conversation..

Wo zai zong jian cha shu gong zuo ( I work in AGC ) wow cool, new words learnt!

I just gained 1000 xp, have yet to level up! Kekeke.

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Still figuring how to use this Blogspot app on Iphone.. Gggrrr

Monday, 7 May 2012


I am now an avid believer of traditional medicine.

On average, I spend about RM 150 per week on chinese medicine and soup.

Apparently each week I will be diagnosed with different sickness, hence the necessity to purchase herbs from him.

In another words, you guys might say that I'm a waterfish and that I've been conned! Haha.. *sui yu*

I've currently stopped consuming the boiled medicine because I think I'm gaining weight from it. *psychological view of mine*

Yesterday I went to the singse again. This time, not only he diagnosed me from pressing his two fingers against my wrist to listen to my pulse, but he did a fortune reading on me.

And the conclusion ?

1. I don't have friends. No friends means no network, without network means when you need help, you have no one to turn to. ( In defence, hey I don't need a favour from people, I can settle myself! Egoistic girl I am. )

2. My health is poor an I will die young. O.o I will contract major sickness at the age of 40! *touch wood*

Of course after saying that, he has successfully lured me into buying a bottle of enzyme, a bottled drink made from micro organism.

For me, no harm trying. If it doesn't work, I'll stop.

It is a tasteless liquid and I was told to drink 2 spoons day and night.

Today is my first day. After consuming it, I felt dizzy and had acid reflux. The singse said its a normal reaction as the micro organism is seeking to set things right in our body. If all this while I've been having gastric problem, then I will have severe stomach ache after consuming it, WHICH ...

Am experiencing it right now. ;/

Oh, lets wait and see how good is this emzyme drink. ;)

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

1 year old

Happy Birthday to my cute little pie!

Baby who's born in the year of rabbit!!

"Sau Pau" prepeared by my sister-in-law's sister. (wow sounds confusing)! Hahha. Is it called "longevity bun"?

The most interesting dish that I saw in the restaurant! Like snooker balls!

Muackxxx to my cutie pie!

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Friday, 4 May 2012


Please forgive my stupidity..

There is actually a "Blogger" app now on IPhone.. :/

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mobile View

I saw the mobile view on my brother's blog and decided instantly that I've got to enable that setting in my blog!!!

It is so much easier to read and view in the mobile version!

After 30 mins of browsing through my blogspot account, I've finally managed to change it!! *claps hand*

Sui la!!! So happy. My blog is now mobile friendly! Triple YAY!

I've discovered that you can now blog from your mobile without the need to purchase any blogging app. Just send your text and photo to and follow the instructions given to set up the mobile blogging.

Well since I've paid USD 4 for this blogging app, I couldn't be bothered to set up the mobile blogging as I could directly blog from the app "Blogpress".


*jumps up and down like a sakai*

And my "Blogpress" can edit colour, bold and italic the fonts! Power!

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Kembali Ke Desa

The theme for our dinner was "Kembali Ke Desa" whereby the dresscode was customary wear.

We were informed by Swiss-Garden Resort that tables will be placed in the ballroom, something like Japanese Tatami Seat. Our reaction to that was "Wahhh cooool!"

Ended up not so cool at all as food were served on a table top placed on floor. Basically you have to bend down to eat your food.

Thats how you eat...

Whatever it was, I had great hell of fun! Took the "tudung saji" to cam-whore.

1 Malaysia! ;)

The committee members!

The hotel's service sux to the max. Poor hygiene in food whereby we discovered larvae on the lamb served.

Just today I wrote an official complaint letter to the hotel. The front desk staff were rude to us, raised their voice at us and started showing faces and rolled their eyes when replying to our queries. How could such people be placed as frontliners?

The theme for second night was "Denim and/or white" and I must say it was a good choice made by us as everyone looked angelic and serene. Kekekeke.

Tonight mummy attended wedding dinner and this means daddy's nurse is on leave. Daddy was sitting on couch feeling lost and so I decided to serve him. Usually mummy serves the entire family, today I took over her role for once.. Yea first time I did house chores at home.

First I became nutritionist, deciding on what kinda food my daddy is allowed to consume. There were curry chicken, canned black bean fish, vegetables and steamed pork.

So, I (points at self) the mighty daughter gets to decide what daddy eats! I scooped vegetables and steamed pork for him. Surprisingly he accepted my choice of dishes without objections! Well usually he whacks whatever that is served on the table ignoring the fact that he is a diabetic!

Dad's vision is deteriorating as a result of diabetes, I'm really afraid that one day he would turn blind. *touch wood* (smack smack smack wood). Of course I wouldn't want that to happen but its reality and fact for diabetics. I pray hard that this does not happen to daddy. Thinking about him losing his vision tears me apart. Feels very upset whenever I think about it.

Probably that is why he didn't whack the curry chicken and black bean fish today.

Then I became the maid by clearing the dishes and washed all the plates and bowls! Wooo so proud of myself.

Then I peeled an apple for daddy to eat! ;)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Please keep my daddy away from doctor if possible.

Next Wednesday will be his scheduled eye laser treatment in order to regain his vision and prevent his eyes from deteriorating. I sincerely pray and hope that his eye will recover or maintain as it is....


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