Thursday, 28 June 2012

26th June

The day had passed without any greetings. Life has certainly been neglected by the busy schedules of life.

Things that used to beautiful are no longer beautiful. Sweet memories are beginning to fade away as day passes by.

Appreciation? Ultimately it will be forgotten when one has become too complacent.

Its in the nature that one likes to chase.

I really wish to turn back time, and being the apple of someone's eyes again.

I'm tired with life, and even thought of resigning. Whatever happened to motivations and desires and dreams. Its all gone at this moment this minute.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I've hit the second stage of puberty.. i.e. growing sideways. ;/

Turning into a fat ass woman now with cellulites appearing on my flabby thighs.

I bought a lot of anti-aging cosmetics in hope to reverse the visible aging process.

I've even signed up for 42 months gym membership for the price of RM 4.4k.

I've decided to pick up yoga and thus far, I quite like the classes though I'm actually struggling with all the different poses taught. ;/

Sudah lou ngek ngek ma.. everything sudah keras..

Thank you to my dear colleagues who have recently celebrated my birthday with me! Muackx!

I have a 'sure-to-lose' trial to conduct tomorrow. Feeling so demotivated right now..

Ganbatte CLL! Good night dearies..

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Thank you very much to all who have celebrated my birthday with me.

Thank you TC for the Hello Kitty mousepad!

Boboi who has given me a lil moo. A surprise for me at work! :)

The Baby-G that I've always wanted to buy.

The Kitty birthday cake from the cute little boys!

To all my beautiful girlfriends..

For the wonderful dinner..

Thank you to mummy daddy for the lunch treat.

I had a wonderful birthday celebration this year.

Although I am now officially late twenties. Booo Huuu..

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