Thursday, 6 September 2012


My aircon is crying...

*sniff sniff*

It must be due to lack of care and attention from me.

I haven't been servicing him for the past 3 years!! And its leaking now..


As my bed is positioned right beside the wall where the aircond is affixed, water kept dripping on my bed like falling rain.

*sings* listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

Sigh, I'm sorry aircond, I promise that I will bring someone to tend to your needs this weekend.

It has been a productive week, I went to the gym two days in a row.

My quest to achieve a slimmer body is slowly coming true!


Well, I've finally enrolled to Masters in Law in University Malaya. Two days ago, I went for the registration and the service here cannot be compared to University of Manchester. They should have anticipated that there will be a whole lot of us who will be queuing to pay for the tuition fees and yet they only assigned two staffs equipped with two computers to tend to our needs. Which means queuing for almost 1 and half hours for my turn to be served...


Anyway, classes will begin next week and I registered for two subjects.

Student life again! ;)

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