Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Expired Cereal

After pouring the final cereal out from the box, I realised that it has expired since 10.10.12 !!!

And I have been having it for breakfast for the past 2 weeks.

LOL, so right now I'm on poo poo spree.

Bloop bloop bloop... It's good, can flush out everything from my body. Yay!!!

Bought a new book and am wrapping my new toy. ;p


I heard on MyFM the other day on the topic of "Things you wish to accomplish before hitting 30" and ever since then I began to ponder...

Career? I love my job. My bosses are treating me very nice as well. I find there is job satisfaction in serving the government. Meanwhile I just want to maintain as it is. ;)

Personal grooming? Be thin? Well I want to look well in every aspect, mentally and physically. So I've took up masters in law to enhance my knowledge and signed up for gym so that I don't grow any fatter. Been spending alot on cosmetics and products as well, skin is important after all! ;)

Marriage? Well I'm avid believer of cinderella stories, happily ever after. ;) I'm not sure if this beautiful moment will happen to me one day but I still hope that it will happen to me before 30. Thanks for sending me this to 'cheer' me on my Monday blues ya! Lol.

Home! Yes this is the only thing that I wish to accomplish before 30. I should start to save up to buy myself a dream home. It doesn't matter if it's just a studio measuring 700 sf.

Ganbatte yo! I should begin to save up. Money money money.

I believe with my own pair of hands I can build my own fortress! Rawrrrrr dream big and you will achieve big. *winks*

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spending spree

Yay, make ups and cosmetics ordered from Mary Kay has arrived! ;)

Spend spend spend as if the money falls from the sky! Kekekke

Monday, 22 October 2012

Evil Me

Today I did a robbery case and I've pressed for a heavier sentence to be imposed since the accused used parang when committing the said robbery. He robbed 3 different shops on 3 different dates at 3 different locations.

I pressed for 8 years imprisonment and 5 strokes for each of the offfence. In the end the cumulative sentence passed by the judge was 8 years imprisonment and 14 strokes of rattan.

Came back and told my mom about it and my mom commented that I'm evil, I should have spared him. I said who's gonna spare those who got injured during the course of armed robbery which is so prevalent nowadays?


My mom's comment kept ringing in my head now.. Somehow I do feel a little guilty. After all it's not easy to withstand 14 strokes of rattan. Perhaps next time I should play the Cinderella role, to show more mercy.. *sighhh*

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Poo Poo

Sai... I hate it most when the urge to shit kicks in when I just started my journey to work.. ;/

Literally I will be stranded in the car with no other available options but to focus my mind on the wheel and at the same time suppress it from coming out..

U-turn back home to shit is definitely a no-no as I've entered highway. Which means I have to get myself to office asap in order to relieve myself.

Which means speeding all the way to office... and holding your shit in the anus.. Hahaha.

It's a very nice feeling you should try. LOL.

Right now I'm happy poo poo-ing in the toilet. Disgusting right? Hey as if you don't poo poo lol.

Aaahhhhh ... Feels so good!

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Woot woot woot, *backflip*

I'm training myself to be uber marathoner. (Opps is there such word marathoner? LOL)

Anyway as long as you understand what I'm saying.

My first step towards my mission to be a marathoner is sign up for a marathon! *check*

I've signed up for Penang Bridge Marathon - 10 km.

Second step to book a hotel room. *check*

Equatorial Hotel booked.

Thirdly to train for it! *check* Been training in the gym and parks nearby.

Fourth, a super cool gadget to run with. *check*

Ready Get Set Go!!!!