Saturday, 21 September 2013


Look at my breakouts... ;(

My face has been a platform for the bacteria to party on.


I slather all sorts of products on my face, in quest to search for the right ones. Honestly its a painful experience, the fact that most products just don't suit you. Nevermind if it doesn't suit you, worse thing is that it immediately causes pimples to flare up.

Few months after I've stopped Roaccutane, my face began to have tiny whiteheads at the sides of my cheeks and forehead. I just couldn't stand the raised bumps on my face, which was very obvious under lighting.

So I went to skin specialist and he just said my skin is very oily, hence the whiteheads, so he recommended to use a topical cream which has same effect as Roaccutane, shrinks your oil glands.

Wow sounds wonderful right?

Well I guess it didn't work for me and things began to get worse after that. It was too drying for my sides of cheeks and I began to break out ever since.

The weird thing now is that I keep getting pimples on sides of cheeks, temples and chin. Guess the bacteria just love to party there huh.

So I began to buy Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil oil-control moisturizer with SPF. Result : it got worse. Lol

Then people said products with salicylic acid is good for pimple skin and I bought Cleanser, toner, moisturizer containing salicylic. Oh no, my skin became angry and all dehydrated and red and bumpy. Goshhh.

Screams. Everything I do seems to aggravate my skin. I wish my skin could talk and tell me what's wrong.

I'm upset and honestly I don't feel like seeing people. I just feel like hiding at home..

I find that my skin has been reacting well with oil-free theory. Use all oil free products - cleanser, moisturizer, foundation etc.

But the moment it gets better, I would be itchy and try some other products which I've bought earlier (not to waste it ma, since I've paid so much), and booom, break out again all over my face. Lol.

I've realised any products that is targeted for acne treatment just makes my skin bad.

Fine, I promise I will be good from now on and just stick to my oil free regime, skin please be good to me.

My skin is switching between break out and break out free. So frustrating. T_____T

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013



I managed to find homes for them.


I wonder when can I see the real panda! *dreamy eyes*

Kai Kai he Jia Jia in Singapore Zoo! Wo yao qu zoooooo!!!

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Sunday, 25 August 2013



I'm now a monster!!!


My face is very horrible.

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Friday, 16 August 2013


When I was in High School, my girlfriends had joined Interact Club and so I followed. Of course the more popular club to be in during that time was Leo Club.

Boyfriend told me that these kinda "service clubs" is a dumping place for students with no talents and couldn't play sports! Heyyyy not true!!!! * Box him*

The other day mom was cleaning her wardrobe and found my black coloured Interact vest. Actually come to think of it, the Interact uniform does look like a waitress' uniform, white shirt-black trousers-black vest.

Eh eh... *shakes away that thought*

My profession is also black and white attire now!! Lol.

So, as usual everyone would collect little badges to pin it up on the vest for Leos and Interactors.

I took out mine and I couldn't stop laughing at myself.

I have "Christian Dior" badges? "Ferrari" "Commonwealth" etc.

OMG *slaps forehead*

Hahahahaha okay, I guess I wasn't that cool after all.

Time to throw away all the badges.

Sayonara. ;)

I went to pasar malam with parents today and ate like a pig.

Mee soto, assam laksa, yam cake, lok lok, rojak, soya bean, tau foo fa.

Great now I'm still bloated. *burps*

Good night! ;)

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gadget Gadget


Should I buy new toy?

I fell in love with this cool camera. Darn, shouldn't have bought my Olympus camera back then.

It's portable! Which means I can carry it around everyday to wherever I go! Unlike that gigantic Olympus camera. Sighhh.

Lu la la lu la la lu la lu la lei!!

I received my first kimchi order! My colleague wants to buy a jar from me! Yayyyy! Lol. So proud that I can ferment my own kimchi.


No sugar no MSG. Just cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper, carrot, radish, pear and apple.

I'm feeling ugly lately. I don't feel like meeting people at all because of my skin problem.

Ever since I stopped popping the medication from my specialist, I've been attacked by whitehead, blackheads and pimples.

I don't feel like looking into people's eyes when I talk.


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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 10 years old

Happy 10 years old Bear!

Ahhhh, haven't been blogging lately. *smack fingers* for being lazy.

Good night! ;)

Secret Garden is awesome! My favourite love drama thus far. My ideal love, a guy who's willing to chase the girl half the globe!!
Charming!!! *shiny eyes*

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Monday, 22 July 2013


I'm back!!

Shopping like an auntie!

Fruits are so expensive!! Poof.

For vanity reason, it's okay. For vanity reason I began to eat onions and garlic that I have not been eating for my entire life!!

Great sacrifice. Flex.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013


Woot it's Saturday!!!

It's amazing race day for me.

Accompanied mummy for brekkie, went to the market to buy vegetables, went over to C's place, went to Pudu to get price quotations for wedding invitation card.

Cost for this card and envelope is RM1.30.

We are trying to get this design.


Then went over to my tailor for fitting and was told that my backside is BIG so can't alter it any further. -.-

Sighhh, why why why?? It's okay, I'd rather live with big ass like JLo because I can't and not willing to sacrifice the joy of eating.

Later came home and laughed at Bear.


And started my first kimchi making session!

The first stage is completed! Soak in salt water for 4 hours. ;)

I'm so happy! I shall read a book while waiting for my cabbage to be ready for fermentation.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Workout from home

I need to lose weight.

Boyfriend is getting thinner and thinner!! Arghhhh

Lets begin the challengeeee!!


Think I do ten years also can hit her body shape. Lol.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I will be submitting for the first time in High Court and I'm nervous.

I hope that everything will be in order tomorrow. *gulps*

Wish me luck!

I need clover leaf! Can someone give me that?

Goood night! ;)

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Thursday, 4 July 2013


I feel fat.


... and depressed.

The Miss Selfridge jeans from my uni days.. I can't pull them up, got stuck at thigh area.

When I first started working, I tailored 8 trousers, all of which I couldn't fit in anymore.

So I gave it all to my brother's gf, seeing her in those jeans reminded me of how thin I used to be. Sadly I am now fat ass auntie, old and with wrinkles. T.T

Arghhhhhh I shouldn't be so glutton.

Arghhhh, mid life crisis.

Good night.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Finally there's sunshine and clouds! I feel so happy today! Seriously weather can really affect your mood.

Learning how to be a bimbo, so watched some make up tutorial and found this. Omg, this is crazily amazing.

So beware with those chio bus that you pick up in clubs!! Hahaha.

Good night!

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How does your shit looks like?

When I'm depressed I poo 5 times a day, liquified stool + pencil thin like stool.

When I'm okay, I poo once a day.

When I'm busy, I constipate.

When I drink enough water and poo, it's loose stool.

Lately I've been incorporating fiber and leafy to my diet and I'm passing sausage like stool! So happy !! Yayyyy!! ^^

So they say your poo poo is an indicator of your health. Here I'm reproducing a diagram which I ninja-ed from Daily Info Graphic.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to Cure Gangrene Foot

(Gross and Gory Pictures Ahead)

I share this story so that my friends may have a brief idea on how serious gangrene is and that it should be prevented at all costs. It happens a lot in diabetic patients, and I believe many of us or our family members have diabetes.

A friend of mine had recently asked how did my father managed to cure his gangrenous foot. Her mom who had just returned from overseas has infections on both feet. I am no doctor but I think I had enough experience to brief her on what she should do. So here I would like to share remedies on treating gangrenous foot.

Friend's mom's feet after holiday.

This is my dad's foot.

Obviously prevention is better than cure. If you or any of your family member has diabetes, make sure its under control and this can be done by either having a proper diet, regular exercises, oral medication (tablets) or intravenous medication (insulin). And make sure that you have a pair of comfortable shoes when travelling to ensure good blood circulation. Make you sure you wear shoes and not sandals so as to prevent any possible cuts on the feet. Always check on diabetic patients' feet, sometime they don't even aware that they are injured because their senses have been impaired by the disease.

If all fails and the foot has already become gangrenous, then you may try the following, it is by no means exhaustive list and this is only for wet gangrene. I'm not sure about dry gangrene or gas gangrene.
  1. Admit to hospital to seek for professional care and treatment.
  2. The patient has to be mentally strong and never give up. Family's supports and prayers help.
  3. Constantly check on the sugar level, preferably 3 times a day breakfast, lunch, dinner. The doctor told us that any reading above 10 is bad for healing of gangrenous foot. The reading has to be taken 2 hours after food consumption to ensure an accurate reading.
  4. From the sugar reading you will be able to tell whether the diet is right for him/her. Make sure the meal is nutritious. Nutritious meals help in tissue renewal. Gangrene chomps away your cells like Pacman.
  5. Specialised wound dressing! Not just any tom, dick and harry dressing at normal clinic. A proper dressing will contain medication/ointment/gel to absorb the moist in wound so as to prevent further bacteria growth. In my dad's case they used Acquagel or something. There must not be any opening in the dressing, any opening will enable bacteria to invade and attack the wound (this is what happened to my dad's foot).
  6. Further infection after amputation of dad's foot.
  7. Amputation may not completely cure the problem if you don’t know how to care for the foot. Without proper care amputation may further lead to another infection like my dad’s foot (from the picture). This means if not taken care properly amputation will only lead to another amputation until they are left with nothing else to amputate. This is harsh reality of diabetes disease.
  8. Antibiotic helps to prevent further growth of bacteria. Sometimes the antibiotic prescribed may not be the right one to counter the invading bacteria. In my dad’s case they even took a tissue sample for bacteria cultivation analysis in order to determine the type of bacteria. Ascertaining the type of bacteria aids the next course of medical treatment such as prescribing the right antibiotic in combating the gangrene.
  9. Inhaling pure oxygen in hyperbaric chamber may help to cure the condition. Cause of gangrene is lack of oxygen in the thickened blood containing sugar or poor blood circulation. Bacteria feeds on sugar. The higher sugar level in blood the happier bacteria will be. Bacteria too knows how to party. Bacteria's worst enemy is oxygen.
You may google for more information if you are interested in treating gangrenous foot. There are loads of information out there. The ones listed above have been tested and proved to be successful in curing my dad's foot. It took him one year to recover.

Never ever give up and believe that it can be cured.  
Dad's recovered foot.
I pray for your speedy recovery makcik. Please there is no guarantee that everyone can recover from gangrene, I still believe in prevention is better than cure. Prevent this from happening to your loved ones people.

Monday, 24 June 2013


Omg I feel like dying. I'm inhaling polluted air whereever I go. Sigh. What happens to the earth! What's with people nowadays? How can they be so selfish and burn the fields? Do they not care about the consequences of open burning to others? Mankind... Selfish greedy crook.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Auntiee auntiee!! I went to Empire today to get my glasslock tupperware. RM 65 for 4 tupperwares (1 1100 ml, 1 750 ml, 2 125 ml) - good deal right. Rushed in, took the bundled tupperware and paid.

Happily walked out from the store and saw another bigger glasslock tupperware priced at RM25 for 2000 ml.

Mehhh why always like that!!! Arghhhh...

It's okay, finally found my red pepper paste for kimchi stew! Yayyyyy!!!

Tupperware for storage of kimchi - check.

Red pepper paste for kimchi stew - check

Sea salt - check

And now am left with red pepper flakes. I guess I can only get it from Korean marts but I couldn't find any in Subang Jaya area.

Poof poof.

Bear is really the stupidest dog on earth. Lol.

He is so cute! Time for beauty sleep. Good night.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013


Aaaaaaaaa Suits are so expensive. Damn.

I went to Vincee Tailor this morning, to tailor a set of suit and he charged me RM750. *-*

But am happy because he gave me a free bib.

The bib is worth RM45. Yay..

He took my body stats with the measuring tape and realised I'm totally out of shape.

Refused to accept the fact that I'm out of shape I told my mom, "ah, he measured with my clothes on, of course there will be additional inches."

Hums to myself happily and drove my parents to Sunway Pyramid.

Reality kicks in, I AM OUT OF SHAPE!! Either it is too tight or too loose.

Finally found a pair of suits that I can pull off. The salesperson told me its RM359 per suit. Happily asked for my trousers to be altered and went to the cashier to pay.

"RM459 please."


Why always like thattt!! Sigh. Buy books like that, buy suits also like that. ;(

I really need to do something about my body shape. I don't want to evolve to auntiehood. I want to look slim and elegant so my boyfriend won't run away from me. Arghhh need to double up my effort at gym.

I am officially depressed. Really depressed. Sigh.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Man of steel

I heard that 'Man of Steel' is out in the cinema.

I was shitting in the toilet when my brother asked from the other side of the door, "Ah Lee want to watch Man of Steel?"

In a very sombre tone I replied "No."

Surprised he repeated his question, "Man of Steeel wor?"

In the same monotonous tone I said again "No." and continued playing Candy Crush.

He continued persuading "Tonight movie 9.45 pm wor."

Again with the manly tone I replied "No."

"Superman wor?"

Damn as if I don't know Man of Steel is superman. Oi whats wrong with my answer!! Lol why he sounded so surprised when I said No!


I'm saving my date for someone else la.

Finally I replied "I want to watch with boyfriend."

*silence* and I could hear his fading footstep sound.

Finally he is satisfied with my answer. Lol.

Donkey betul.

Okay time to listen to Chan Fong on 988 and roll on bed.

Teehee bai bai.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pink toothbrush

Today I'm happy!!

I have a pink toothbrush. Isn't it cute? Teehee.

Am so so busy in office lately, but I kinda enjoy it. Because I get to lose weight. Hohoho.

Standard Chartered Marathon is just round the corner and I haven't begin any training. Aiyoyo.. Zhe me ban.

Ok time to sleep. ;) for the sake of my skin. Good night.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

War against acne

Oiiiii why always meeee!!

Acne just love me, I have been having acne problem ever since I was 13. People say acne only hits during puberty and teenage years. It's WRONG! A misconception. Adults may also suffer acne problem, just like what I'm facing right now. Poof poof.

I have tried all sorts of remedies, from birth control pills, to antibiotics to Roaccutane to topical creams.

Well, medication works wonder for me. Each time I'm on medication I will have flawless skin.

The most expensive and effective of all, Roaccutane.

Well, I ninja-ed this from the net. Roaccutane is also the most expensive of all, RM200 per box for 30 tablets. Dosage depends on the severity of your acne. Mine was not that serious, so I only pop one pill a day for 6 months in order to achieve flawless skin.

Later I did some research on the internet and found that minority who consumed this accutane will have suicidal thoughts and few had actually committed suicide in the States and the family members of the deceased had filed law suits against Roche, the drug manufacturer. Being the most expensive drug of all means it has the most side effects. If you take accutane while you are pregnant, your baby will be born deformed, without limbs. It causes dryness and your lips and skin will crack. The drug makes you really thirsty and you have to drink lots of water while under this medication.

Due to its many adverse effects, I had decided to stop Roaccutane although it did work for me.

I told my dermatologist that I would prefer a milder version of Roaccutane, one that could help me to achieve flawless skin.

And well he prescribed this..

It's called Borymicin.

"Any side effects doctor?"

"Nahhh, no worries no side effect except for a minority few who experienced headache."

Ahhh okay okay, safe to consume. Roger that. So I paid RM90 for 30 tablets. Am supposed to pop one daily. Paid and left the clinic.

Am an impulsive buyer, easily persuaded. Later at home, I decided to do some research on Borymicin and to my horror its actually an antibiotic and may cause organ failures.

Sigh, actually kind of expected, all sorts of medication is harmful for your body in the long run. I stopped after taking 2 tablets of Borymicin and threw the entire packet away. Waste of my money.

Lastly, if I am desperate I should take birth control pill, it regulates hormone and gives me the flawless rosy skin. And its cheapest of all too! RM48 per box for a month's supply. So what's stopping me? Boyfriend said it will harm your kidney. T.T

Booo, how now?? My skin is breaking out. I'm feeling stressed out whenever I look at my skin. Products don't seem to work on me because I have really sensitive skin.

My next solution for my skin problem is?


A peeler and knife from Kitchen Store! Lol. I will buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables to eat in the office. Hohohoho.

No more medication. Its time to do a little experiment on my skin. What she likes and what she doesn't. ;)

Never give up. This weekend I will get a bowl and sea salt to soak my fruits and vegetables (to wash off the pesticide).


And 8 glasses of water per day and enough beauty sleep. Enough of consulting skin specialist, they just rip your money off and prescribe harmful medication. The medication is only a temporary cure, each time I stop the acne comes back. I need to learn how to communicate and listen to my skin.

I believe there is a cure for my skin problem. Wish me luck.

Merry Bak Zhang Day! ;) Good night.

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Monday, 10 June 2013


I am back from my wonderful birthday celebration from Bali!

Thank you for everything!

I made my own souvenir! ;)

I have been very very emo lately. Sigh.. Time to "fine tune" myself and fix my head.

*drills open head*

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Delicious and cheap kimchee stew

Yes yes I'm doing free promotion for KimchiHaru at SS15, Subang Jaya.

They serve really delicious kimchee stew for just RM9.80! Out of the so many kimchee that I have tried at most places, this is by far the most authentic I could get.

I'm not sure why there's not many people who eat there, perhaps there's not enough publicity? I don't know.

Well, I would like to help them to promote a little because if the shop closes down, I don't get to eat cheap and delicious Kimchee stew anymore! T.T

Please show them some love, its managed by a pretty lady boss. If you need some eye candy, go there and give them some business!

Its really a nice place to hang out.

Okay I don't get paid for that. I just want to help out the cute lady boss, very kelian see her read story book during peak hour, instead of busy serving customer.

So I went to Empire alone today because I had a bad day.

Saw this in a pet shop and it reminded me of Bear, when he used to be a fluff ball like that. Awww cute. ;)

And if you like Glasslock Tupperware, there's 50% sale.

For that stack of 4 glasslock containers it costs only RM50!! Great deal okay! I wish I have my own kitchen. I told mom about it, and she said no!

Fierce. Fine no then no lor.

Good night. 1 more day to go!! Yayyy

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fund raising

I was talking non-stop during dinner to brother and his gf. Blabbering about the benefits of kimchee to them. Hahahah

Then he said nothing is perfect, surely there's side effects to it.

I said nooooo!! Kimchee promotes digestion, prevents wrinkles, anti-aging, fight cancer, lowers cholesterol!

In the end after hearing the ingredients of kimchee he gave up, he said "oh.. spices.. surely not many would want to contest the health benefits of spices as it has been proven to be good for consumption."


So, what do I get if I managed to persuade him? I kept asking for sponsorship to buy jars, hahahhaha as you have to mix and store kimchee in non-reactive containers like glass, clay and stainless steel.

He gave me RM100! Yay yay yay! Happy happy.

I got sponsorship!!! Today I went to Cold Storage to survey on one of the ingredients of kimchee i.e sea salt! Teeeheee

I will start my kimchee making when I'm back from my trip.

Sayonara. Good night!

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Why am I so vain? Why why why. :/

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I've been reading a lot on "How to make your own kimchee." Hohoho, I want to be a cook now. No more beautician and no more firefighter!!

Cook!!! Chef Lily.

When when when?? When should I start making my own kimchee? I have a new hobby! Yayyy.

I will get the necessary ingredients when I'm free and start fermenting my own kimchee.

I just realised that there's government holiday villa for rent at a special rate.

This is the villa that they offered for Fraser's Hill. It's RM200 a night and can accommodate up to 12 pax with barbecue pit and all.

Jio-ed my mom and showed her the picture. Instantaneously she replied "YERR like haunted house. The rooms inside there surely very spooky and eerie. I don't want to stay."


Wahlao, don't want to jio her already. Lol.

Good night! 3 more days to go!! Hip hip hooray!!

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Monday, 27 May 2013


Makan kimchi memang membuatkan aku rasa terharu.

It rhymes right! Hahhaha well actually it's my newly made friend from SS15, Subang Jaya.

Looking at the signboard you might think that it is a very commercialised Korean restaurants like Daorae.

In reality, it's just a small cozy place to have Korean cuisine. It doesn't serve any BBQ so don't have to worry that your body stinks up after eating there.

Well, I fell in love with this place. My favourite kimchi stew is very cheap too! Only RM9.80!

Ops I'm not a food blogger so I couldn't be bothered with a nicely snapped picture of the food. Yum yum..

The kimchi stew is very different from most stews that I had in Malaysia. This tastes like a home cooked Kimchi Chigae, like the ones I used to have in Fallowfield, Manchester. Less paste, more authentic. *slurps*

KimchiHaru will be my new best friend!!

Well, I have been eating kimchi stew for the past three consecutive days. Lol. All of a sudden, I became fascinated with kimchi and I just have cravings for it, I don't know why like a pregnant lady. Poof.

I read online that kimchi contains good bacteria and it helps in digestion. Chinese face mapping says that if pimples appear on your forehead, it means you have digestion problem and chin area is caused by hormonal imbalance. I know that I have a weak stomach and intestines, so I'm going to incorporate kimchi into my daily diet, like Koreans!

I'm going to be "Kim Be Bok". Anyong!!

I even bought Kimchi from the lady boss! RM12 for 800 g.

I think it's worth it!

Kimchi kimchi kimchi!!!!

I'm going to learn how to make kimchi myself! Apparently there's a special refrigerator just to ferment kimchi! Sugoi!!! I shall get one next time!!

Good night! ^^ I had a great weekend and am very happy today! Hohohoho.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I know you are supposed to be contented with what you have and never complain about yourself.

I began to feel frustrated over my lifelong combat of acne. Like what most people say, it is a LIFELONG disease. T_T

Is medication my only way to suppress my breakouts and to have flawless skin?? I don't want to rely on medication so I've stopped popping Roaccutane.

Resorted to skincare + exercise + healthy diet to achieve my desired flawless skin look.


As usual failed miserably. Lol. No products seem to be suitable for my oily/greasy skin. Sigh. Because I'm afraid of the oil, I've even stopped using my sunscreen and I know its BADDD for the skin, promotes premature aging and patches. I have no choice!! T_T

And today I went back to the skin specialist, he recommended Cetaphil, moisturizer with SPF 30 for oil control.

Sounds wonderful for people like me who hate applying layers and layers of creams/make up over my face. Prays hard that this works on me.

And I'm back to medication because I couldn't stand the pimples on my chest and back.

The doctor said it will not affect my health/organs/reproduction or whatsoever.

Cause of my pimples? Genetic.. he said either my mom or dad must have pimples during their younger years. True indeed. It was my mom. I told the doctor "but right now my mom has flawless skin!"

He replied "ya, then you have to wait until you are that old to get flawless skin."


Bai! Frustrated. Stamps feet. Sits on floor.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pssst secret to tell you..

Today I went shopping..


Bought a white dress that I really like for RM49 only! Hohoho me loveeee cheap bargain!

Can't wait for weekend to come! Good night!!

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Monday, 20 May 2013



I don't have the energy anymore. ;(

My darker twin had consumed me. Gemini oh gemini.

Good night.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bear on the Run

Bear oh Bear!

He's really very cute. Hahaha.

First time in 5 years he gets to leave the house. Like a frog being unleashed from the well. Bwahahhaa.

"Oi, why you let bear leave home dangerous!"

Bwahahhahah no car also... Not dangerous at all!

Run bear Run!!!! Don't ever come back bai!!

Teehee, freedom for bear.

But once you leave home, you can't beg for apple anymore!

Choose, apple or freedom??

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Saturday, 18 May 2013


Today I'm feeling a bit useless because I couldn't manage my personal finances well. Just a bit only ha, not a lot..

So I've decided that I need to empower myself in order to better manage my money. Well, for someone from legal background I have no idea or whatsoever about value and money.

What did I do?

I bought books from Borders!! Hohohoho

Using my 1 Malaysia book vouchers!

Hahahah don't jealous I'm still a student. ;p

I was left with only RM100 voucher and the first two books on Personal Finance that I wanted was RM80. So I still had a surplus of RM20 worth of book/product that I could get. Then I saw this book on "introvert" with a 50% sticker on it and so I thought 80+25(after discount)=105! No problem just top up RM5 only ma, value deal.

Happily presented all 3 books to the cashier and took out my RM100 voucher.

"RM29 please."

Eh?? I thought got discount?? Apparently in order to get the 50% discount you need to purchase another stickered item first. -.-

Lesson learnt, read the fine print and don't just see the big "50%" on the sticker. Well, I had to pay an additional RM29 instead of RM5. Not so value deal after all.

Lol. Oh well, time to do some reading.

I'm still feeling happy today. Because I made my entire family to go eat my favourite "chee cheong fun" for breakfast! Hahahha

Good night! ;)

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Sore legs

Okay, I have hit the gym twice this week! *claps*

One more day to go to hit my desired target of 3 times a week workout.

Google search said that you need to do 30 minutes cardio exercises in other to shed the fats away.

So today I've decided to ditch yoga and tried Body Pump instead. As the name suggests, it must be related to weights right? That I know but I had no idea what to expect from the class.

I stepped into the studio and I was the first student that arrived. Yayyy first first *hao lian face*

Somehow the instructor knew that I'm a first timer. Perhaps there's a written "first timer" on my forehead.

"Your first time?"

I nodded. She speaks like a train and I couldn't catch most of her words. I only heard ".. Get steps, get rod and two.. there."

Errrrr, hahahha okay. I don't want to look stupid by asking her to repeat what she had just said. So I pretended that I knew what she was saying and quickly glanced over the stage and see what's there. Hahahahahha so monkey see monkey do..

Ohh step board. Weight lifting rod and 2.5 kg disc plates.

Roger that! I quickly took the 1 kg plate instead of the 2.5 kg. Hahhaha siao meh I'm just a tofu and not some incredible hulk.

Hmmm am supposed to lock the plates at both ends of the rod. *scratches head*

How do I do it? Hahahahha okay in the end I still have to ask her. -.- bodoh-ness

Very quickly she showed me how to lock the plates to the rod. And tadaaa I've successfully assembled my own weights. Teehee

Everyone there started with at least 3.5 kgs plates on both ends, totalling to 7 kgs weights. Throughout the class they kept adding the plates, as for me I was happy with the 1+1 = 2 kg plates. Hahahahhaha weakling leh.

What we did was to hold the weights and do repetition of squats and some weight lifting over the head and seat ups.

At the end of the class the instructor said I did pretty well for a first timer! Yayyyy *hao lian face*

Because I didn't sweat much, I decided to jog for 15 minutes and did the hip abductor machines.

Now, my backside and thighs really sore. Omg. Help.

Time to listen to Chan Fong on 988 FM. Rolling on bed time! Good night people. ;)

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