Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Enlarged pores

Well my skin is getting bad now, there's huge visible pores and my face just gets so oily, as if applying a layer of oil as facial mask.

So I thought I should stop applying moisturizer since its already so oily. Turns out to be it got even worse and I had break outs again!

See, look at my forehead!

The easiest way out from this is to consult my skin specialist and pop Roaccutane but relying on medication is not the way. The moment I stop eating, the pimples will come back.

I went for facial and the beautician said my face is actually very dry and as a result of that the oil gland produces more oil in order to moisturize my skin, end result? Super oily and coarse skin. She recommended their chemical free product to me and so I've decided to stop Mary Kay and try theirs.

No harm trying right? If it really doesn't cure my skin condition I can just go back to my skin specialist if I'm desperate.

For the start I'm trying their cleanser, aloe vera gel and deep moisturizing lotion.

At the moment my skin is getting much better. There's no more breakouts, well too early to tell. Lets try it for a month. If it's good I will purchase their other products as well.

I'm on sick leave today.

Parents are in Genting for 3 days 2 nights. They really do know how to enjoy their life to the fullest. LOL.

So leaving 2 trouble makers at home. Bear woke me up this morning by constantly clawing my wooden bed. So noisy. I thought he was hungry and half awake I walked down the stairs and instantly woken up by the foul smell emitting from kitchen area.

Bear had pee pee and poo poo out of his pad because the pad was full of urine and shit. Brother had left his supper bak kut teh overnight and so the overnight food stench. Yucks!

1) picked bear's shit and flushed it down the bowl
2) threw his overloaded and drenched pad
3) cleared bak kut teh on table
4) mopped bear's urine off the floor
5) washed the dishes and wiped the dining table
6) collected all the rubbish and threw it outside
7) destroyed red ants' habitat formed outside my gate, near the bin by placing huge rocks on it!

Rawrrrrr hohohoho to hell you ants!!!

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I've fallen ill again..

Arghhhh, must get well soon.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Blogging from computer

Uh haa waa, I can't blog from my phone anymoreeee. I'm so mad. *pulls hair*

Well, I bought this application on Iphone called 'Blogpress' for USD4 if I still remember correctly and seems like they are not maintaining this application well. I can only write and no longer upload pictures via that Blogpress.

I know there is a Blogspot application but I don't like to blog using that application because pictures uploaded will only be shown at end of post and not in between paragraphs like Blogpress.

Well, lets revert to the conventional method of blogging, that is via computer!!!

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year. Happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone!

It has been a rather quiet New Year for me this year, no house visitting, no gambling. Hohohohoho and just like that its the end of CNY already. =/

So what am I up to lately? Candy Crushing!!!! Am addicted to it!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Oh so finally Blogpress allows me to send my post! Idiot.

I'm going to sue Blogpress, for depriving me from penning down my thoughts! Poof!!!

Anyway am so tired. Just came back from Malacca.

Good night!

2 more dayss and I'll be heading back to hometown! Dong Dong Dong Chiang!!

I think there's fungus in my toe beds... No more pedicure for me!
Yawnz, good night!

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Test blogpress sux!

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