Monday, 18 March 2013

Above 50?


I used to be 43.. when I was in Form 2.

Then 45, in Form 5.

Then 46 during my A Levels.

48 in Manchester.

Now I AM 51 kg!!!

Omg, really evolving into auntie-hood..

Zhe me ban?? Should I stop eating? Or I am just genetically fat? I love food and I can't stop eating.. Huhuhuhu


I see Starbucks, I see you.

I see Korean, I see you.

Very good, chubby chubby now. How to lose weighttttt!!!???

Bai good nightz.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Look at both of my toes..

Its infected, apparently its fungus I was told.

It all began after the Penang Bridge Marathon last year. It started with bruises on both toe because my shoes were too tight and I had long toe nails.

Sorry I couldn't find the picture so had to search for it in my Instagram, then there's no "save" option for the picture so I had to screen shot it. Lol, forgive this noob here.

Started off with a bruise, I left it untreated, went for few rounds of pedicure and applied nail colour on it, and it turned yellowish..

Manicurist highlighted my toe condition to me and being the skeptical me I ignored whatever that she said, thinking that she probably just wanted to earn my money by selling me products. She told me that its fungal infection and I should buy some anti fungal cream from her.

Being the stubborn me I ignored her advice and convinced that it will cure with time, and applied even darker colour to conceal the yellowness and the bruises!! Hahahha

Then it got worse..


... and worse..

And now my toe nail is partially detached from the nail bed..

What should I do now??

Serves me right, didn't prevent the fungal infection from the beginning due to my skepticism. Hohohoho

I can't remove it, I need to wear shoes to attend court trials. Alternatives anyone?? I promise I won't be stubborn this time round.

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Fen Fen & Lik Lik

Say hi to my new family member!!! Fen Fen and Lik Lik! Hohoho!!

Cute isn't it? I love them all!! ^^

I had a great weekend! What about you? ;)

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Ahhhh uhhhh wahhh am feeling so tired, don't feel like workinggg!!


Lazy pig.

I've learnt how to eat fish!

Tadaaa!!! Hohoho bai bai fish!


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