Thursday, 30 May 2013

Delicious and cheap kimchee stew

Yes yes I'm doing free promotion for KimchiHaru at SS15, Subang Jaya.

They serve really delicious kimchee stew for just RM9.80! Out of the so many kimchee that I have tried at most places, this is by far the most authentic I could get.

I'm not sure why there's not many people who eat there, perhaps there's not enough publicity? I don't know.

Well, I would like to help them to promote a little because if the shop closes down, I don't get to eat cheap and delicious Kimchee stew anymore! T.T

Please show them some love, its managed by a pretty lady boss. If you need some eye candy, go there and give them some business!

Its really a nice place to hang out.

Okay I don't get paid for that. I just want to help out the cute lady boss, very kelian see her read story book during peak hour, instead of busy serving customer.

So I went to Empire alone today because I had a bad day.

Saw this in a pet shop and it reminded me of Bear, when he used to be a fluff ball like that. Awww cute. ;)

And if you like Glasslock Tupperware, there's 50% sale.

For that stack of 4 glasslock containers it costs only RM50!! Great deal okay! I wish I have my own kitchen. I told mom about it, and she said no!

Fierce. Fine no then no lor.

Good night. 1 more day to go!! Yayyy

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fund raising

I was talking non-stop during dinner to brother and his gf. Blabbering about the benefits of kimchee to them. Hahahah

Then he said nothing is perfect, surely there's side effects to it.

I said nooooo!! Kimchee promotes digestion, prevents wrinkles, anti-aging, fight cancer, lowers cholesterol!

In the end after hearing the ingredients of kimchee he gave up, he said "oh.. spices.. surely not many would want to contest the health benefits of spices as it has been proven to be good for consumption."


So, what do I get if I managed to persuade him? I kept asking for sponsorship to buy jars, hahahhaha as you have to mix and store kimchee in non-reactive containers like glass, clay and stainless steel.

He gave me RM100! Yay yay yay! Happy happy.

I got sponsorship!!! Today I went to Cold Storage to survey on one of the ingredients of kimchee i.e sea salt! Teeeheee

I will start my kimchee making when I'm back from my trip.

Sayonara. Good night!

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Why am I so vain? Why why why. :/

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I've been reading a lot on "How to make your own kimchee." Hohoho, I want to be a cook now. No more beautician and no more firefighter!!

Cook!!! Chef Lily.

When when when?? When should I start making my own kimchee? I have a new hobby! Yayyy.

I will get the necessary ingredients when I'm free and start fermenting my own kimchee.

I just realised that there's government holiday villa for rent at a special rate.

This is the villa that they offered for Fraser's Hill. It's RM200 a night and can accommodate up to 12 pax with barbecue pit and all.

Jio-ed my mom and showed her the picture. Instantaneously she replied "YERR like haunted house. The rooms inside there surely very spooky and eerie. I don't want to stay."


Wahlao, don't want to jio her already. Lol.

Good night! 3 more days to go!! Hip hip hooray!!

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Monday, 27 May 2013


Makan kimchi memang membuatkan aku rasa terharu.

It rhymes right! Hahhaha well actually it's my newly made friend from SS15, Subang Jaya.

Looking at the signboard you might think that it is a very commercialised Korean restaurants like Daorae.

In reality, it's just a small cozy place to have Korean cuisine. It doesn't serve any BBQ so don't have to worry that your body stinks up after eating there.

Well, I fell in love with this place. My favourite kimchi stew is very cheap too! Only RM9.80!

Ops I'm not a food blogger so I couldn't be bothered with a nicely snapped picture of the food. Yum yum..

The kimchi stew is very different from most stews that I had in Malaysia. This tastes like a home cooked Kimchi Chigae, like the ones I used to have in Fallowfield, Manchester. Less paste, more authentic. *slurps*

KimchiHaru will be my new best friend!!

Well, I have been eating kimchi stew for the past three consecutive days. Lol. All of a sudden, I became fascinated with kimchi and I just have cravings for it, I don't know why like a pregnant lady. Poof.

I read online that kimchi contains good bacteria and it helps in digestion. Chinese face mapping says that if pimples appear on your forehead, it means you have digestion problem and chin area is caused by hormonal imbalance. I know that I have a weak stomach and intestines, so I'm going to incorporate kimchi into my daily diet, like Koreans!

I'm going to be "Kim Be Bok". Anyong!!

I even bought Kimchi from the lady boss! RM12 for 800 g.

I think it's worth it!

Kimchi kimchi kimchi!!!!

I'm going to learn how to make kimchi myself! Apparently there's a special refrigerator just to ferment kimchi! Sugoi!!! I shall get one next time!!

Good night! ^^ I had a great weekend and am very happy today! Hohohoho.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I know you are supposed to be contented with what you have and never complain about yourself.

I began to feel frustrated over my lifelong combat of acne. Like what most people say, it is a LIFELONG disease. T_T

Is medication my only way to suppress my breakouts and to have flawless skin?? I don't want to rely on medication so I've stopped popping Roaccutane.

Resorted to skincare + exercise + healthy diet to achieve my desired flawless skin look.


As usual failed miserably. Lol. No products seem to be suitable for my oily/greasy skin. Sigh. Because I'm afraid of the oil, I've even stopped using my sunscreen and I know its BADDD for the skin, promotes premature aging and patches. I have no choice!! T_T

And today I went back to the skin specialist, he recommended Cetaphil, moisturizer with SPF 30 for oil control.

Sounds wonderful for people like me who hate applying layers and layers of creams/make up over my face. Prays hard that this works on me.

And I'm back to medication because I couldn't stand the pimples on my chest and back.

The doctor said it will not affect my health/organs/reproduction or whatsoever.

Cause of my pimples? Genetic.. he said either my mom or dad must have pimples during their younger years. True indeed. It was my mom. I told the doctor "but right now my mom has flawless skin!"

He replied "ya, then you have to wait until you are that old to get flawless skin."


Bai! Frustrated. Stamps feet. Sits on floor.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pssst secret to tell you..

Today I went shopping..


Bought a white dress that I really like for RM49 only! Hohoho me loveeee cheap bargain!

Can't wait for weekend to come! Good night!!

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Monday, 20 May 2013



I don't have the energy anymore. ;(

My darker twin had consumed me. Gemini oh gemini.

Good night.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bear on the Run

Bear oh Bear!

He's really very cute. Hahaha.

First time in 5 years he gets to leave the house. Like a frog being unleashed from the well. Bwahahhaa.

"Oi, why you let bear leave home dangerous!"

Bwahahhahah no car also... Not dangerous at all!

Run bear Run!!!! Don't ever come back bai!!

Teehee, freedom for bear.

But once you leave home, you can't beg for apple anymore!

Choose, apple or freedom??

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Saturday, 18 May 2013


Today I'm feeling a bit useless because I couldn't manage my personal finances well. Just a bit only ha, not a lot..

So I've decided that I need to empower myself in order to better manage my money. Well, for someone from legal background I have no idea or whatsoever about value and money.

What did I do?

I bought books from Borders!! Hohohoho

Using my 1 Malaysia book vouchers!

Hahahah don't jealous I'm still a student. ;p

I was left with only RM100 voucher and the first two books on Personal Finance that I wanted was RM80. So I still had a surplus of RM20 worth of book/product that I could get. Then I saw this book on "introvert" with a 50% sticker on it and so I thought 80+25(after discount)=105! No problem just top up RM5 only ma, value deal.

Happily presented all 3 books to the cashier and took out my RM100 voucher.

"RM29 please."

Eh?? I thought got discount?? Apparently in order to get the 50% discount you need to purchase another stickered item first. -.-

Lesson learnt, read the fine print and don't just see the big "50%" on the sticker. Well, I had to pay an additional RM29 instead of RM5. Not so value deal after all.

Lol. Oh well, time to do some reading.

I'm still feeling happy today. Because I made my entire family to go eat my favourite "chee cheong fun" for breakfast! Hahahha

Good night! ;)

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Sore legs

Okay, I have hit the gym twice this week! *claps*

One more day to go to hit my desired target of 3 times a week workout.

Google search said that you need to do 30 minutes cardio exercises in other to shed the fats away.

So today I've decided to ditch yoga and tried Body Pump instead. As the name suggests, it must be related to weights right? That I know but I had no idea what to expect from the class.

I stepped into the studio and I was the first student that arrived. Yayyy first first *hao lian face*

Somehow the instructor knew that I'm a first timer. Perhaps there's a written "first timer" on my forehead.

"Your first time?"

I nodded. She speaks like a train and I couldn't catch most of her words. I only heard ".. Get steps, get rod and two.. there."

Errrrr, hahahha okay. I don't want to look stupid by asking her to repeat what she had just said. So I pretended that I knew what she was saying and quickly glanced over the stage and see what's there. Hahahahahha so monkey see monkey do..

Ohh step board. Weight lifting rod and 2.5 kg disc plates.

Roger that! I quickly took the 1 kg plate instead of the 2.5 kg. Hahhaha siao meh I'm just a tofu and not some incredible hulk.

Hmmm am supposed to lock the plates at both ends of the rod. *scratches head*

How do I do it? Hahahahha okay in the end I still have to ask her. -.- bodoh-ness

Very quickly she showed me how to lock the plates to the rod. And tadaaa I've successfully assembled my own weights. Teehee

Everyone there started with at least 3.5 kgs plates on both ends, totalling to 7 kgs weights. Throughout the class they kept adding the plates, as for me I was happy with the 1+1 = 2 kg plates. Hahahahhaha weakling leh.

What we did was to hold the weights and do repetition of squats and some weight lifting over the head and seat ups.

At the end of the class the instructor said I did pretty well for a first timer! Yayyyy *hao lian face*

Because I didn't sweat much, I decided to jog for 15 minutes and did the hip abductor machines.

Now, my backside and thighs really sore. Omg. Help.

Time to listen to Chan Fong on 988 FM. Rolling on bed time! Good night people. ;)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Firefighter 2

Okay, after experiencing it, I kinda like being a firefighter. It's fun!

We were given the opportunity to experience first hand on how does it feel like to be on the ground.

We were divided into groups of four and moved towards where the water hydrant is. Whenever there is fire, there will be fire engine, near the fire engine there will be a fire hydrant. O.o

Okay la I'm not that noob, obviously I know about this fact. Poof.

So the 4 of us, the "fire brigade", will stand in a row beginning at where the fire engine is.

The first three will have to carry the hoses and connect it until it becomes a 'U' shape. Then the fourth person (which is me) will be in charged of activating the pump and water pressure.

1. First person connects the hose to the fire engine.

2. Then the first person will have to carry the hose towards second person and connects it.

3. Second person will run to the third person, forming a 'U' shape and connects the hose.

4. And the third person will connect the nozzle to the hose and gets in position. The first and second person will then stand right behind of the third person to provide support.

5. Once ready signal will be given to the fourth person to release the water from the fire engine. And that's my job! Easy peasy!

6. And we shall fire in the hole!!! Go go go...

7. Fire fire fire!!!

8. After firing, it was packing up time, where you stop the water flow and start to roll back the hoses.

Vroom vroom, need a ride?

Cool leh, don't jealous. Hahahaha.

At the end of the session, we were asked to extinguish the fire using the various types and sizes of fire extinguishers!

The fire that was started by the Mr Bomba.

And, after unlocking the safety pin on the extinguisher, I could hardly lift the tank, and ... I couldn't even release the lever. LOL

Tried and tried and tried, but failed miserably, until everyone had put off the fire, I was still figuring how to release the lever because it was too heavy for me and I had no strength to squeeze it.

Ah well, its ok.

I should just be a Pororo and act cute there. Hahahahah.

Good night. ;)

2 more weeks till my vacation! Looking forward to it.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I was so determined to be a beauty consultant for Mary Kay and had intended to attend the two days workshop on the 17 & 18 May but was told that my membership has been terminated due to inactivity. Cheh.


I'm going to be a fire fighter!

Undergoing training at the moment.

Its scorching hot... I regret. Training under the hot sun. Grumpy.

I wanna go back to office. Huhuhuhu T.T

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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Its quite common to hear car windows being smashed in Malaysia, as for me, it was my car registration number plate that got smashed. Sigh. Right in front of my house by some idiot. Donkey betul.

Went to lodge police report and befriended a few cops, telling them to come to my rescue should I ring for help! Hahaha

I don't want to live in paranoia so I'm just going to take it as some dick head vandalised my car because they have mental problem. Definitely it's a targeted vandalism because only my car got smashed at the moment.

Actually I'm not afraid at all and kind of thankful that the idiot smashed my plate instead of my windows! Hohohoho, thank god for this.

Although my car got damaged, I am super happy today. I will be going for a holidayyyyyy!!! I'm excited. I'm definitely going to be on a strict diet and undergo an intense workout regime so that I'll look my best!

Good night!!! ;)

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Saturday, 11 May 2013


I've decided. I'm going to be a beauty consultant! Set, am gonna sign up to two days lessons for next weekend.

No, I think I should learn about stock market instead and be a broker. Perhaps I should buy a book to learn more about stock market! Teehee..

Today I had my favourite steamboat with family. And now with after-effect-MSG-taste in my mouth. Bluek.

Overjoyed with the existence of Carebears in Parkson. I thought they had extinct.


.. Gonna get this for my future husband and future baby.

Adidas bear shoes.

Its 12 am, time to sleep!

Happy Mother's Day mummy! You're the greatest mum in my heart. Thank you for treating me like a princess even though I'm already twenty-*tooot* years old.

;) Good night.

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Friday, 10 May 2013


TGIF and I'm happyyy! Why? Because I had long lunch break!! Teeeheee!

Went shopping in Carrefour and bought a lot of junks! Hohohoho

Was all determined to tone my ass up when CA called and asked for yum cha. So I told myself, why not? Ended up yum cha until 7.30 pm and didn't hit the gym at all. ;(

*smacks head*

Useless me. Poof. Rolling on my bed now listening to 988 FM. Its Chan Fung session where listeners will call to rant about their issues, especially love problem!!! My favourite.

Okay bai..

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Thursday, 9 May 2013


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

Teeeheee, am very happy today. Restriction for leave application has been lifted. My leave for June has been approved!

Teeeheee *jumps up and down*

Which means I get to eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Whoaaa most xing fu thing to do.

And I no longer need to duty in the Election Operation Room. Happpyyyy!!!!!

"Love is in the airrr" *looks to the sky and swings body left to right and right to left*

Hahahahahhahahah ;)

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Off Duty

Today the glass is half full!

We just received instruction that the operation room will only operate until this Friday! There's no need to come for duty over the weekend!

After this it will only be office hour duty from 8-6 pm! Neh neh ni pu pu.

Everything is back to normal which means really soon I can apply to be on leave!!! (Leave has been frozen since February)

This GE had greatly affected my life and very soon its going to be over!! Life goes on and I shall just concentrate on my life. Everyone should live a happy life. ;)

My beautiful life is going to begin soon!!! (That's the reading for Ox this year where good luck begins in second half of the year.)

This is my latest hairstyle! Its growing longer and longer each day!! So happy.

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Monday, 6 May 2013


Today, the glass is half empty instead of half full for me.

Little by little, tears began to stream down my cheeks. Staring blankly at the ceiling wall. I guess all the Facebook posts had greatly affected me. Is it true that there's no more hope for Malaysia? Everyone is labeling government department as inefficient and corrupted. Am I one of them too?

Perhaps I'm not as strong as I thought I am. Today I break down, I couldn't appreciate a single thing around me that could make me happy. There's no smile.

Maybe that's why I'm a gemini. I have split personality.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013


Today is the election day. Its either going to be "Lain Kalilah" or "Ini Kalilah". Either way, whoever wins life goes on and I'm still going to be a government servant serving the nation.

This morning my dad tried to wake me up by tapping my room door. I ignored. Then 5 minutes later he called my handphone, when I picked up he sang "undilahh undi" song. -.-

Arghhh lol, so I rolled out of bed like Autobots. My family members are all very excited to cast vote.

The queue was long but that didn't deter me from casting my vote.

Mom and dad are senior citizen so they had an express lane for them. It took them only 10 minutes to finish voting.

As for me.. Sigh.. 1 hour 30 minutes.

I have exercised my right as Malaysian citizen!

Anxiously waiting for the results now and pray that tomorrow will be a public holiday! *prays*

Kita satu bangsa kita satu negara!

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Saturday, 4 May 2013


I woke up feeling very grumpy today because I had to be on duty from 8 am till 2 pm.

Reluctantly dragged my ass off the bed and drove to office with eyes half closed. Instead of my usual basement parking, I parked by the road side. Alighted and realised I was wearing Hello Kitty sandal... -.-

Grumpy grumpy all the way until....

I had my yummylicious breakfast in office! Yayyy happyyy...

Survived pretty well for the 6 hours and went to Subang Parade to buy birthday prezzie for my niece.

Saw 3 months talking ted and reminded me of Ted the Thunder Buddies for life! My thunder buddy is at a land far far away from me. ;(

Then spotted this cute soft toy-cum-backpack and thought she could use it at school. Then realised prolly she's too young to carry one.

Then thought of getting her a Barbie Doll so that I could train her to be a bimbo. But realised its only for 3+ above..

Hahahahah my god, so difficult to pick a present. Finally decided to get her a fluffy toy that she could hug to sleep.

I saw Pororo and immediately fell in love with it. I remember she had a Pororo mat at home so I think she would be able to appreciate it!

Its a singing Pororo in Korean! My all time favourite. I think in my next life I want to be a Korean. "Anyong ... Pororo!!"

Hahahhaha true enough when she saw it she was so excited, pointed at it and called "Pororo"!

Seeing her hugging Pororo where ever she goes makes me happy too!! ;)

Ahhh I'm missing Pororo too! Should have gotten one for myself!

Tomorrow is the voting day.. Kinda excited, it will be my first time casting vote! Its another happy day for meee! Oyasumi!

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A smiley is enough to carve a smile on me. ;)

Thank you Mr Barrista. Happpyyyyy!!

And I received 20% discount for my cup of frappucino using the BCard discount voucher. Yayy !!

Its Flydayyy and I'm working tomorrow. Good night.

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oh, ticket please!

Oh oh finally I've cleared Episode 11 on Candy Crush!!

This is me at Level 155!

Had to crack my head to think on strategy to maximise my 9 available moves!!

And tadaaa, I've cleared!!

Another happy moment for me!!

Ticket please!!!!

It's 10.30 pm, I shall go to bed. Beauty sleep. Good night! :)

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Blogpress is back on Iphone

I've just installed Blogpress on my iphone! Previously Blogpress kept crashing on my iphone4 and so I've decided to stop blogging out of frustration. Each time I couldn't blog I pull a strand of hair off my head. That explains the current thinning of my hair.. Pretty soon I will be balddddd!!!

Since life is short, I've decided that I should do a weekly resolution. At the end of each view I shall review whether I have attained my scheduled tasks.

For this week, I need to hit the gym three times! I'm still far from my desired body shape. After 6 months of gym, I realised that I'm just tad bit slimmer. I'm still not toned. Sigh.. I wonder how do celebrities do it! Darn!

Today is my second time of the week in gym! *claps*

After gym, I had my favourite kimchi chigae alone! *sings lonely... i am so lonely... i have nobody.. i'm on my own.. Ouu ouu ouu..*

*slurps* if only I could eat kimchi everydayy!!! Then everyday would be a happy day for me! ^^

Kimchi makes me happy! I still remember the days in Manchester where I would head to Fallowfield Korean alone to have my favourite kimchi stew. It was 5 pounds per bowl. Aaahhh, kinda miss Manchester. Heard from Chubbylin that the shop had relocated!

Successfully separated the spring onions and pork from my soup. Well I don't eat spring onions and fatty porks.

In order to be a happy girl, you have to be grateful about the little things that happened in your life. I shall try to blog everyday to tell you what made me happy for the day!

As for today, it was the...

I got TWO slices of watermelon!! Usually they only give one each and because I am pretty I received twooo!!! *claps*

Happy happy. ;)

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