Sunday, 25 August 2013



I'm now a monster!!!


My face is very horrible.

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Friday, 16 August 2013


When I was in High School, my girlfriends had joined Interact Club and so I followed. Of course the more popular club to be in during that time was Leo Club.

Boyfriend told me that these kinda "service clubs" is a dumping place for students with no talents and couldn't play sports! Heyyyy not true!!!! * Box him*

The other day mom was cleaning her wardrobe and found my black coloured Interact vest. Actually come to think of it, the Interact uniform does look like a waitress' uniform, white shirt-black trousers-black vest.

Eh eh... *shakes away that thought*

My profession is also black and white attire now!! Lol.

So, as usual everyone would collect little badges to pin it up on the vest for Leos and Interactors.

I took out mine and I couldn't stop laughing at myself.

I have "Christian Dior" badges? "Ferrari" "Commonwealth" etc.

OMG *slaps forehead*

Hahahahaha okay, I guess I wasn't that cool after all.

Time to throw away all the badges.

Sayonara. ;)

I went to pasar malam with parents today and ate like a pig.

Mee soto, assam laksa, yam cake, lok lok, rojak, soya bean, tau foo fa.

Great now I'm still bloated. *burps*

Good night! ;)

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gadget Gadget


Should I buy new toy?

I fell in love with this cool camera. Darn, shouldn't have bought my Olympus camera back then.

It's portable! Which means I can carry it around everyday to wherever I go! Unlike that gigantic Olympus camera. Sighhh.

Lu la la lu la la lu la lu la lei!!

I received my first kimchi order! My colleague wants to buy a jar from me! Yayyyy! Lol. So proud that I can ferment my own kimchi.


No sugar no MSG. Just cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper, carrot, radish, pear and apple.

I'm feeling ugly lately. I don't feel like meeting people at all because of my skin problem.

Ever since I stopped popping the medication from my specialist, I've been attacked by whitehead, blackheads and pimples.

I don't feel like looking into people's eyes when I talk.


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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 10 years old

Happy 10 years old Bear!

Ahhhh, haven't been blogging lately. *smack fingers* for being lazy.

Good night! ;)

Secret Garden is awesome! My favourite love drama thus far. My ideal love, a guy who's willing to chase the girl half the globe!!
Charming!!! *shiny eyes*

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