Saturday, 21 September 2013


Look at my breakouts... ;(

My face has been a platform for the bacteria to party on.


I slather all sorts of products on my face, in quest to search for the right ones. Honestly its a painful experience, the fact that most products just don't suit you. Nevermind if it doesn't suit you, worse thing is that it immediately causes pimples to flare up.

Few months after I've stopped Roaccutane, my face began to have tiny whiteheads at the sides of my cheeks and forehead. I just couldn't stand the raised bumps on my face, which was very obvious under lighting.

So I went to skin specialist and he just said my skin is very oily, hence the whiteheads, so he recommended to use a topical cream which has same effect as Roaccutane, shrinks your oil glands.

Wow sounds wonderful right?

Well I guess it didn't work for me and things began to get worse after that. It was too drying for my sides of cheeks and I began to break out ever since.

The weird thing now is that I keep getting pimples on sides of cheeks, temples and chin. Guess the bacteria just love to party there huh.

So I began to buy Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil oil-control moisturizer with SPF. Result : it got worse. Lol

Then people said products with salicylic acid is good for pimple skin and I bought Cleanser, toner, moisturizer containing salicylic. Oh no, my skin became angry and all dehydrated and red and bumpy. Goshhh.

Screams. Everything I do seems to aggravate my skin. I wish my skin could talk and tell me what's wrong.

I'm upset and honestly I don't feel like seeing people. I just feel like hiding at home..

I find that my skin has been reacting well with oil-free theory. Use all oil free products - cleanser, moisturizer, foundation etc.

But the moment it gets better, I would be itchy and try some other products which I've bought earlier (not to waste it ma, since I've paid so much), and booom, break out again all over my face. Lol.

I've realised any products that is targeted for acne treatment just makes my skin bad.

Fine, I promise I will be good from now on and just stick to my oil free regime, skin please be good to me.

My skin is switching between break out and break out free. So frustrating. T_____T

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013



I managed to find homes for them.


I wonder when can I see the real panda! *dreamy eyes*

Kai Kai he Jia Jia in Singapore Zoo! Wo yao qu zoooooo!!!

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