Saturday, 25 January 2014


I am officially married.

11.1.14 is a day that I will never forget. We have never spoken our mind, only after the ROM ceremony that hubby and I talked about it. Coincidentally both of us felt that ROM is more important compared to the wedding reception.

Though the reading of the vow and signing of the documentation for ROM takes 10 minutes, the preparation for it was months!

First it was the submission of documentations for the purpose of registration. The procedure differs according to the day and venue of registration.

We had the options to sign the papers at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara at Setia Tropika or at Chinese Associations. JPN is free and Chinese Associations is RM110 fees. Picking a date for registration is troublesome because we need to choose auspicious date that falls on weekend so that my family and friends could make it here without the need to apply for any leaves. Finally we chose Chinese Association because JPN only does the ceremony on weekdays.

My family and friends travelled from KL and I was so grateful about it.

The girls coordinated amongst themselves and decided to dress in floral prints. They looked beautiful and stunning!

We spent a lot in organising the ROM ceremony and we felt that its all worth it! After all it is a very important day to us. In a nutshell we had to do the followings:

1. Buy wedding band
2. Hunt for my dress and heels

3. Book hand bouquet & make up artist

4. Book hotel rooms for family and friends
5. Pick available date for ROM and reserve it
6. Hunt shirt for hubby
7. Book lunch place after ROM to treat our guests (thank the heng tai for this)

8. Book dinner place to treat family and friends

9. Book place to treat friends for coming down to JB. We had our after party at Bar Banyan

And the sis-in-law gave us a surprise with a beautifully arranged cupcakes! Thank the heng tai too for the banner decoration.

It was a hectic day but I love every bits of it. I thank my hubby for being so thoughtful and giving me such a memorable day. Couldn't ask for more and I'm grateful to have him by my side.

Looking forward to our wedding banquet in September!

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New casing


My new Iphone casing!

Cute??? Lol

Work is hectic, gosh I feel that I need time off.

Pray that my skin gets better before my ROM ceremony.

Skin skin skin... Be good please! I need to look pretty!

Booo hooo.

My new toy!!!

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas Present

*sings* We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

It's 2014 now! Time flies. Which means I'm gonna be 30 soon! *gasp*

Thank you to the fiance!

This is the Christmas Pack and all the products are my current products except for one.

It breaks me out. It gives you a squeaky skin surface after washing and my instinct tells me that its bad. Coupled with heavy make up during T&S Wedding by the makeup artist using unknown products, voila.

My skin is now back to square one. Unless you have super oily skin like a grease pan, I personally would not recommend this cleanser.

I shall continue my quest to search for the right product to combat my pimple prone skin. I've vowed to stop relying on medication by skin specialist.

In a week will be my Registration of Marriage. *big shiny eyes*

I can't wait!

Some update of myself. I'm adapting really well in JB, with new working environment and new colleagues. The fiance has been very accomodating, offered to drive me back to KL when I'm home sick and pacified me when I teared out of no cogent reason.

Should I get this kitty couple for the car decoration instead of the panda couple?

Hmmmm ... time off to deliberate..

Panda is RM100+ Kitty is RM289 LOL

Normal bear couple is free because WY's boutique partner can give it for free or at most if charged at shelf rate would be RM69.


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