Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cameron Highlands

Haiii, I've been MIA for 2 weeks.

Yo Yo! Went to Cameron Highlands to play golf.

First time and I think I enjoyed it, tho I can't really tee off my ball. Still learning how to use a driver.

Had my first water cress charcoal steamboat with hubby and I find it cute. Chimney pot.

Then went back home for course at Bangi and this is my stupid dog.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Happy Labours Day everyone!

As for me, it's Happy Phuliday! *giggles*

So we bought MAS ticket to Phuket departing from Kuala Lumpur, leaving from Johor Bahru.

Bought the flight that we thought was the earliest i.e. Air Asia at 7 am. Arrived at KLIA2 at 8.00 am

A night before we were both worried about the possibility of delayed flight and congestion at KLIA Ekspress train transit to KLIA since we only have 30 minutes transit time.

Thank god flight was on schedule.

Arrived at KLIA2 at 8 am.

Not far from our gate we saw the KLIA Ekspress ticketing counter, bought the ticket at RM2 each.

Followed the signage to KLIA Ekspress, then to Platform B. Boarded the train and the journey to KLIA from KLIA2 took us ten minutes.

My first time on train and it was nice! Pardon the frog in the well.

Everything went accordingly. So happy! 

Arrived in Phuket safely.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


In my country a group of Muslims had demanded that the cross on a church be taken down from the building. They justified their action by saying it was necessary as the cross is a challenge to Islam and it might influence the youngs in that area. 

I'm a buddhist. And it kinda saddens me to see that what I used to learn in school is the direct opposite of reality.

"Negara majmuk yang aman dan damai."

Whatever happened to basic humanitary values? Respect and embrace.

Haih, feeling emotional. I have many Malay friends, we talk, we joke, we laugh. Why can't everyone be like this?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Beginner Golf Swing

Hubby paid for my golf lessons, and I kept telling myself I need to be able to at least swing and hit the ball in order to gain his acknowledgement on my ability to play sport. Well I haven't been playing any sports since I left school.

Hence when Hubby asked if I would like to learn golf I immediately said yes! Started googling some "swing" videos on YouTube and saw these cool women making their swings on drivers and I was amazed by it.

Since I do not have any friends, solo sport like golf is the best game for me. I usually eat alone, shop alone, and now there's addition to my lone ranger list of activities, i.e. Swing alone!

At first I wouldn't understand why they said golf is expensive, now I know why.


At the driving range you got to pay for the balls, RM12 for 100 balls.

Then you got to pay for your lessons. RM750 for 8 classes.

Buy your own golf sets, that is RM1200 for my noob clubs.

Buy a pair of gloves, that is RM100 for a pair.

Lastly the attire, $$$$

Yap ganbatte there's no turning back!

I'm turning 30 soon! Gotta age beautifully!

Mom went to the temple and asked if I could conceive, LoL.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Redeem Redeem

Wahahahahha went to SenQ to redeem Maybank Treatpoints.

Basically every 250 Treatpoints is equivalent to RM1.

So we took 1 shaver, 1 kettle, 1 powerbank, 1 fan, 1 40" Sony TV, 3 cables and 1 Sharp Ionizer. *beams*

Claps hand like a monkey. Hip hip hooray! 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Baby

I'm so happy I'm so happy *bounce up and down*

I've bought my first golf set and its pink baby!

Bought it for RM1190, noobie set.

And the lady boss gave me a free umbrella! Hohohoho

Lets swing it baby! Swing swing swing.

Friday, 3 April 2015


So I started something new, golf!

It was my first time at a driving range, first time holding a club and had my first swing. The feeling was great, to be able to learn something new in your life. And I'm determined to pick up this new sport.

Lesson will commence next week with Coach Eric. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I'm back from Melbourne! The girls and I flew to Melbourne to attend J's wedding at Mt. Dandenong.

5 days 4 nights trip was all it takes to drain away all my energy. T.T

All in all it was due to the constant changing of accomodations that has caused the exhaustion and frustration in me. Every night I stayed in different houses. Pack go, pack go was all I did in Melbourne apart from attending wedding.

Beautiful aren't they? Wishing both of them eternal happiness.

Thanks to the bride, I managed to experience something new in my life!

Limousine ride baby! Champagne, wine, music and disco balls! Hohoho but too bad none of the girls drank hahahah what a waste right.

And my make up skill is getting better! *self praise is no praise* 

Hello BabyH! ;) She's so adorable! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Experiencing Auntie-hood

Today I accompanied my MIL for an excursion to Muar.

Hubby dropped us to the meeting point and I gasped when I saw three busses with a group of aunties in their 50s. Hahahah don't get me wrong I'm not trying to discriminate aunties but when my MIL invited me to join, I thought it will be a small coach with few of her friends.

It's okay I shall try to live the life of an auntie for a day. So there were 4 busses and approximately 150 people in the trip.

In a nutshell, 

Wake up at 6 - boarded the bus at 7.15.

Stopped at a local confectionery in Muar.

And shop like an auntie.

Then off to San Chai Ye Temple for their annual praying event.

Greeted by a Chai Sen Ye offering red packet that contained 4 digit numbers for sale. So I took one and paid RM2 for it. Hopefully I win 4D tomorrow.

At 1 pm it was their auspicious time for praying. Basically the rule is you are not allowed to wear any cap/hat and no umbrella is allowed. Apparently if you are sheltered or have anything over your head you will get bad luck. You are supposed to stand under the scorching sun in order to be blessed.

A group of men will then carry the big golden incense holder pot from inside of the temple via the pathway that you see in the picture and then place it in the centre of the crowd.

Then you will be asked to face the West and pray with the joss sticks 3 times.

And the joss stick that you're holding will be passed from the back to the front and the one in front will place the collected joss sticks into the golden pot.

Then to another beautiful temple to pray pray.

Then to bird nest factory.

And now at 9.40 pm having dinner and karaoke session with the old folks. Hahahah

It's amazing to see how happy and cheerful they are. Unlike us the youngsters kept frowning and sighing complaining about our life.

Okay lucky draw now! Bai bai hopefully I get at least a prize home after a long day.

Everyone is having a great time here except for me, waiting anxiously to be home to be with my love. Haih. Think I will be home at 11 pm! JB-Muar-Yong Peng-Kota Tinggi I've toured the entire Johor. T.T

What I learnt today, when you have about  20 people queuing for the toilet, storm the men's toilet, doesn't matter if they are standing there pee-ing, just treat them invisible! But I couldn't do it lol I ended up queueing. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Stupid stupid stupid.

"Help I swallowed my keys!" Gosh how stupid can my Sims be. LOL How can someone swallow a key? *scratch head*

Few nights ago Hubby and I decided to be adventurous and tried a new dining place.

I saw BBQ Baby Pork Ribs on menu and decided to try it, thinking it will be as delicious as the one I had in Tony Romas.

When they served this, I exclaimed "How is this a baby rib? This is BIG PIG!"

Haih stupid, not only its big, it's not nice at all. This place shall be blacklisted from now on, not in our "friend" list. 

Am so exhausted from work, had trials everyday for the entire week. I need love! Hahaha

... and holiday too!

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Sims City Buildit! My latest addiction. Everyday I will listen to the praises/rants of my Sims.

... and would take into consideration all their requests, like building schools for them etc.

If only our country is like that too! Attentive and considerate "mayor" that would hear us out. 


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Raging hormone

I have lots of raging hormone in my body.

I wanted to cross the road but saw an oncoming car, stood there to wait for the car to pass, as the car approached nearer, it turned at the junction. 

@$)#%^* don't know how to on signal is it! Stupid car! I actually wanted to chase the car and kick it! 

Was playing SIMS City and my citizens in game kept passing comments I'm a lousy mayor cause I did not provide enough parks for them or why did I place a sewerage right beside them.

&$$@%^*+ move out la!!! Don't like to stay move out from my city. I kept cursing at my phone and hubby thinks I'm crazy lol

Hope I don't beat up my hubby next.

Friday, 27 February 2015

First Meal

Today I'm very proud of myself, I cooked the first ever meal for the family, hubby and parents-in-law.

MIL has been busy baby sitting her grandchildren at my brother-in-law's place and to ease her burden I came up with the brilliant idea to cook.

As I was watching Pinocchio Korean Drama, I kept drooling over the flashing image of abalone porridge in my head. 

Abalone porridge it is for dinner! So I called my mom to ask for guidance and recipes.

Tadaa, ops can't see the congee lol. 

Hubby complimented that it was delicious! *beaming eyes* except my taugeh was too watery and soggy, will make sure to improvise on taugeh dish the next time.

I've been wanting to cook teo chew style porridge and I succeeded on first attempt!

Wash the rice, put it into pot, add water and heat it up. Once it has reached its boiling peak, lower the heat and let it slow boil for another 10 minutes and turn it off. Your teo chew porridge is done! Simple isn't it? Of course you can add things into your porridge according to your preference, as for me I added scallops and abalone.

Happy cooking! ;) 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

This is my first year celebrating CNY as someone's wife and daughter-in-law.

Being a traditional Chinese wife means you have to spend the eve and first day of CNY with your husband's family. I'm not sure how many married women conform to this but I'm proud to announce I'm one of them! *giggles*

FIL booked a table at Peking Restaurant to have "Hakka Pun Choi". My first Pun Choi ever in my life! Well I'm a Cantonese and usually in my family we will have individual dish of chicken, prawn, fish, spring rolls and soup in our reunion dinner.

There's abalone in it! *slurps*

Hubby scooped one abalone for me and one for him. In less than 5 minutes, hubby had devoured the entire abalone! As for me I was trying to save the abalone till the end, taking a small bite in between other food, savouring the taste of abalone. *slurps*

Well we don't get to eat abalone on daily basis right, only once a year for me.

That was how I spent my New Year's eve! I actually threw a fit on hubby on NYE asking him why he couldn't be bothered about giving out money to his wife for CNY celebration and his response was "Why should I give you, you will spend all in Sephora" T____T

Damn, painful to hear but its true. *guilty face*

So I kept quiet and pretended I didn't ask that question. Lol. 

Right after that I vowed not to splurge anymore on cosmetics to regain my financial credibility so hubby will not say that to me anymore! *face full of determination*

On second day of CNY hubby and I travelled back to KL to find my parents and the money that he didn't give me, he gave it to my parents! *melts*

Not only that, in shopping malls he kept asking me to check with Celcom stores whether there's stock for IPhone 6. Well I've been wanting to get one since 2 months ago but there's just no units available in most Celcom branches.

Finally I found one in Subang Parade, 64GB gold, but they couldn't do monthly instalment thingy with credit card, which means I have to pay upfront cash for the device. Being the kiam me, I refused to get it because other Celcom Blue Cubes can incorporate the device price into the monthly bill which means I don't have to pay a lump sum of money upfront.

Then hubby said he will buy it for me! *double melts*

He said it's my Valentine's present and Birthday present. Weeeeee ....

OMG, felt bad for misunderstanding my hubby on NYE, I'm sorry hubby.

I'm indeed the luckiest girl on earth to have his love.

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone!

I've decided to write again because I felt that my English is getting worse ever since I've moved to Johor Bahru. At work it's all Bahasa Melayu, be it in court or office, at home it's Mandarin. I could hardly string proper sentences using the correct vocabulary now. ;(

Monday, 16 February 2015

Miacare O2 Contact Lenses

I've tried most of the contact lenses from optical shops but there's one particular brand that doesn't suit my eyes, Miacare o2.

Apparently it is made from silicone hydrogel and whenever I wear it, my vision becomes blurry, as if there's foreign object in my eyes. 

Initially when it happened I thought probably my eye shadow/eyeliner has entered my eyes thus causing the discomfort. 

Later on I found that each time I put on the lenses my vision will be blurred. Hubby had asked me to throw away but I refused because I felt like its a waste. 

So I did some research.

It says on its website:

"If there is no more discomfort after the second attempt, you can start wearing the silicone hydrogel lenses regularly; but if the symptoms appear again, our lens might not be suitable for you to wear."

Guess the lense is just not suitable for me. Be wary with silicone hyrogel lenses dear friends. 


2 more days to Chinese New Year!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

New hobby

Ever since I got married, I found a new hobby for myself, that is to doll up.

I actually spent a lot of time online watching make up tutorials on You Tube from all the beauty gurus. 

Can't believe that I'm actually addicted to cosmetics now, my all time favourite shop? Sephora at JBCC.

Whenever there is wedding function to attend, I will pay about RM130-180 for my hairdo and make up. So the hubby said why don't I learn myself so I can save the money?

Challenge accepted.

So this was the first make up look that I've succesfully done for myself! *hao lian face*


I think I've spent thousands on cosmetic products and it's time to stop buying. Truly I'm living the life of "auntie" now. *guilty face*

Here's my Chinese New Year look!

I came back to celebrate reunion dinner with the girls. To many more years of friendship!

My new year resolution. ;)

Saturday, 31 January 2015


As usual, the first thing that I do when I open my eyes in the morning is to pick up my phone from the bedside table and browse through Whatsapp and then Facebook.

Then I saw a tagged picture of me in Facebook, a picture taken with my coursemates during my A Levels, which is like ... 10 years ago? 

"Whoaaa ugly!" was my first response looking at my old self, tossed the phone aside and walked to the toilet to clean myself up.

Then as I was prepping my face, my phone beeped. It was the notification for new incoming Whatsapp messages. 

It was the first message of the day from Hubby. Not exactly a message but incoming media file, he has actually sent me a picture.

Kuai lan eh my Hubby, zoomed into the picture and screen shot some more! 

Yeap that was me 10 years ago, a gamer without make up and couldn't be bothered about my health.

Then I retaliated and took a selfie and sent it to Hubby.

Yes although I've aged and officially I'm an auntie now, but I still think that I'm prettier than I was back then. 

Happy Saturday! Waiting for Hubby to come back from work and go out play!

Monday, 26 January 2015


There's a place in JB for Nasi Biryani that I really like called The Village.

Most of the time I have craving for it but couldn't find anyone to dine with me. So today I've decided that I should go for solo-dining. True enough I was the only lone ranger in the restaurant, the rest were in groups. T.T

'It's okay', I thought and signalled the waitress standing nearby to take my order. 

Then realised I've ordered a little too much for myself LOL. Chicken Biryani and a garlic naan to myself! I could sense people around me looking at me and my food. *sensitive mode on*

The portion is huge for a girl like me, probably that's why they were looking.  

Right now, I feel like sleeping ... Ahhhh I regret eating so much. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015