Saturday, 31 January 2015


As usual, the first thing that I do when I open my eyes in the morning is to pick up my phone from the bedside table and browse through Whatsapp and then Facebook.

Then I saw a tagged picture of me in Facebook, a picture taken with my coursemates during my A Levels, which is like ... 10 years ago? 

"Whoaaa ugly!" was my first response looking at my old self, tossed the phone aside and walked to the toilet to clean myself up.

Then as I was prepping my face, my phone beeped. It was the notification for new incoming Whatsapp messages. 

It was the first message of the day from Hubby. Not exactly a message but incoming media file, he has actually sent me a picture.

Kuai lan eh my Hubby, zoomed into the picture and screen shot some more! 

Yeap that was me 10 years ago, a gamer without make up and couldn't be bothered about my health.

Then I retaliated and took a selfie and sent it to Hubby.

Yes although I've aged and officially I'm an auntie now, but I still think that I'm prettier than I was back then. 

Happy Saturday! Waiting for Hubby to come back from work and go out play!

Monday, 26 January 2015


There's a place in JB for Nasi Biryani that I really like called The Village.

Most of the time I have craving for it but couldn't find anyone to dine with me. So today I've decided that I should go for solo-dining. True enough I was the only lone ranger in the restaurant, the rest were in groups. T.T

'It's okay', I thought and signalled the waitress standing nearby to take my order. 

Then realised I've ordered a little too much for myself LOL. Chicken Biryani and a garlic naan to myself! I could sense people around me looking at me and my food. *sensitive mode on*

The portion is huge for a girl like me, probably that's why they were looking.  

Right now, I feel like sleeping ... Ahhhh I regret eating so much. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015