Friday, 13 March 2015

Experiencing Auntie-hood

Today I accompanied my MIL for an excursion to Muar.

Hubby dropped us to the meeting point and I gasped when I saw three busses with a group of aunties in their 50s. Hahahah don't get me wrong I'm not trying to discriminate aunties but when my MIL invited me to join, I thought it will be a small coach with few of her friends.

It's okay I shall try to live the life of an auntie for a day. So there were 4 busses and approximately 150 people in the trip.

In a nutshell, 

Wake up at 6 - boarded the bus at 7.15.

Stopped at a local confectionery in Muar.

And shop like an auntie.

Then off to San Chai Ye Temple for their annual praying event.

Greeted by a Chai Sen Ye offering red packet that contained 4 digit numbers for sale. So I took one and paid RM2 for it. Hopefully I win 4D tomorrow.

At 1 pm it was their auspicious time for praying. Basically the rule is you are not allowed to wear any cap/hat and no umbrella is allowed. Apparently if you are sheltered or have anything over your head you will get bad luck. You are supposed to stand under the scorching sun in order to be blessed.

A group of men will then carry the big golden incense holder pot from inside of the temple via the pathway that you see in the picture and then place it in the centre of the crowd.

Then you will be asked to face the West and pray with the joss sticks 3 times.

And the joss stick that you're holding will be passed from the back to the front and the one in front will place the collected joss sticks into the golden pot.

Then to another beautiful temple to pray pray.

Then to bird nest factory.

And now at 9.40 pm having dinner and karaoke session with the old folks. Hahahah

It's amazing to see how happy and cheerful they are. Unlike us the youngsters kept frowning and sighing complaining about our life.

Okay lucky draw now! Bai bai hopefully I get at least a prize home after a long day.

Everyone is having a great time here except for me, waiting anxiously to be home to be with my love. Haih. Think I will be home at 11 pm! JB-Muar-Yong Peng-Kota Tinggi I've toured the entire Johor. T.T

What I learnt today, when you have about  20 people queuing for the toilet, storm the men's toilet, doesn't matter if they are standing there pee-ing, just treat them invisible! But I couldn't do it lol I ended up queueing. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Stupid stupid stupid.

"Help I swallowed my keys!" Gosh how stupid can my Sims be. LOL How can someone swallow a key? *scratch head*

Few nights ago Hubby and I decided to be adventurous and tried a new dining place.

I saw BBQ Baby Pork Ribs on menu and decided to try it, thinking it will be as delicious as the one I had in Tony Romas.

When they served this, I exclaimed "How is this a baby rib? This is BIG PIG!"

Haih stupid, not only its big, it's not nice at all. This place shall be blacklisted from now on, not in our "friend" list. 

Am so exhausted from work, had trials everyday for the entire week. I need love! Hahaha

... and holiday too!

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Sims City Buildit! My latest addiction. Everyday I will listen to the praises/rants of my Sims.

... and would take into consideration all their requests, like building schools for them etc.

If only our country is like that too! Attentive and considerate "mayor" that would hear us out. 


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Raging hormone

I have lots of raging hormone in my body.

I wanted to cross the road but saw an oncoming car, stood there to wait for the car to pass, as the car approached nearer, it turned at the junction. 

@$)#%^* don't know how to on signal is it! Stupid car! I actually wanted to chase the car and kick it! 

Was playing SIMS City and my citizens in game kept passing comments I'm a lousy mayor cause I did not provide enough parks for them or why did I place a sewerage right beside them.

&$$@%^*+ move out la!!! Don't like to stay move out from my city. I kept cursing at my phone and hubby thinks I'm crazy lol

Hope I don't beat up my hubby next.