Thursday, 23 April 2015


In my country a group of Muslims had demanded that the cross on a church be taken down from the building. They justified their action by saying it was necessary as the cross is a challenge to Islam and it might influence the youngs in that area. 

I'm a buddhist. And it kinda saddens me to see that what I used to learn in school is the direct opposite of reality.

"Negara majmuk yang aman dan damai."

Whatever happened to basic humanitary values? Respect and embrace.

Haih, feeling emotional. I have many Malay friends, we talk, we joke, we laugh. Why can't everyone be like this?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Beginner Golf Swing

Hubby paid for my golf lessons, and I kept telling myself I need to be able to at least swing and hit the ball in order to gain his acknowledgement on my ability to play sport. Well I haven't been playing any sports since I left school.

Hence when Hubby asked if I would like to learn golf I immediately said yes! Started googling some "swing" videos on YouTube and saw these cool women making their swings on drivers and I was amazed by it.

Since I do not have any friends, solo sport like golf is the best game for me. I usually eat alone, shop alone, and now there's addition to my lone ranger list of activities, i.e. Swing alone!

At first I wouldn't understand why they said golf is expensive, now I know why.


At the driving range you got to pay for the balls, RM12 for 100 balls.

Then you got to pay for your lessons. RM750 for 8 classes.

Buy your own golf sets, that is RM1200 for my noob clubs.

Buy a pair of gloves, that is RM100 for a pair.

Lastly the attire, $$$$

Yap ganbatte there's no turning back!

I'm turning 30 soon! Gotta age beautifully!

Mom went to the temple and asked if I could conceive, LoL.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Redeem Redeem

Wahahahahha went to SenQ to redeem Maybank Treatpoints.

Basically every 250 Treatpoints is equivalent to RM1.

So we took 1 shaver, 1 kettle, 1 powerbank, 1 fan, 1 40" Sony TV, 3 cables and 1 Sharp Ionizer. *beams*

Claps hand like a monkey. Hip hip hooray! 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Baby

I'm so happy I'm so happy *bounce up and down*

I've bought my first golf set and its pink baby!

Bought it for RM1190, noobie set.

And the lady boss gave me a free umbrella! Hohohoho

Lets swing it baby! Swing swing swing.

Friday, 3 April 2015


So I started something new, golf!

It was my first time at a driving range, first time holding a club and had my first swing. The feeling was great, to be able to learn something new in your life. And I'm determined to pick up this new sport.

Lesson will commence next week with Coach Eric. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I'm back from Melbourne! The girls and I flew to Melbourne to attend J's wedding at Mt. Dandenong.

5 days 4 nights trip was all it takes to drain away all my energy. T.T

All in all it was due to the constant changing of accomodations that has caused the exhaustion and frustration in me. Every night I stayed in different houses. Pack go, pack go was all I did in Melbourne apart from attending wedding.

Beautiful aren't they? Wishing both of them eternal happiness.

Thanks to the bride, I managed to experience something new in my life!

Limousine ride baby! Champagne, wine, music and disco balls! Hohoho but too bad none of the girls drank hahahah what a waste right.

And my make up skill is getting better! *self praise is no praise* 

Hello BabyH! ;) She's so adorable!